Child Soldiers


-Children wore trained to kill but don't wish to

-The child was still a child just turned into a murdering soldier

-As a child soldier holding a gun convinces you, that you somehow have power and feel bigger

-When you see these children then they expect the you to treat them as soldiers as grown men

-Forces these children to be cruel to others . even people they consider there friends

-These children lost there childhood and can get it back again

-Some kids even experience getting rejected by there own people

-A child does not think twice before killing because at a young age they are taught that what they do is good

-A child may kill his family member and feel bad for it so as the leader he convinces him its okay so the leader becomes a fatherly figure


-Most of the world and cultures are understanding the use of child soldiers

-How has society involved that now its okay for a child to hold a gun

-The way those African children taught and raised shapes the way other cultures look at them and assume that is how they are

-By killing one white guy a child can be put through so much without knowing what the consequences may be

-These cultures clearly teaches them to kill or be killed


-American society expects African children to somehow be more innocent then a child in Africa

-Seeing a child your own age just from a different place hurt you so bad

-They would tell the children that the life they lived as soldiers was less difficult then being stuck in the war

-Children are easy to recruit so they use them

These people use there children as weapons and is consider normal to others

-These kids are surrounded by none they can call for help

-Society taught them the word soldier itself is a killer rather then a protector

-Children feel attacked in there community so there is no surprise they voluntarily

come as child soldiers

-As children the commander did not care about them so the children stick together as a community