Cameron's Study Guid

by Cameron Brown

Poetic Terms

  • Personification-when a non-living object in a story has human like qualities.
  • Simile-Comparing two or more objects using like or as.
  • Metaphor-Comparing two or more objects not using like or as.
  • Hyperbole-Exageration
  • Theme-Main idea plus authors message.

Literary non-fiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Biography-A story someone else writes about someone elses life.
  • Autobiography-A story about one's self written by themselves.
  • Memoir-An account of someone's personal experiences.
  • Personal Narrative-Memories of one event.
  • Diary-A daily record.
  • What are elements in fiction?-Cause,conflict,rising action,climax,resolution,falling action.
  • Why are they important?-They help you remember the story.
  • What is the point of view in fiction?-setting,point of view,character,and theme.They are some of the things that help put together the story.

Tools of reading

What I know about them

  • I know that they help you understand the story.
  • An interference is something inferred.
  • What are three types of connections that you can make with text?-Text to Text,Text to self,Text to world.
  • Yes,It helps you understand the story.
  • How is the main idea different from the Main idea?A summary is the whole story with details.the main idea is just the over all story.
  • Theme is the main idea plus authors message.


  • Comparative and superlative adjectives-comparing words using (er) is comparative.example:cooler.Comparing words using (est) is superlative.example:coolest.
  • Irregular verbs-a verb that does not follow the rules of grammer.
  • Prepositional phrases-examples-with to from.
  • Simple and compound sentences-simple has 1 subject and 1 predicit.example:she jumped! Compound sentences are two sentences joined by and,or,or but.Example: She smiled but,He did not.
  • Subject verb agreement- Nouns add a s to the singular form but verbs remove the s from the singular form.example:"She fell ."verb."When she falls."Noun.


How is a story told in a drama ( or film/play) form different from other fiction?-Because the story is being told by different people.

How do the characters , setting and plot differ between genres?Because they are all different stories.For example you can't put Lady gaga in a story about the Titanic .It would make no sense! So baisicly no story killers.