Year of the Hangman

By: Gary Blackwood

This book takes place in the American Colonies in 1777

The Main characters in this book are Creighton and his uncle

The main conflict of the book is that creighton is told that his dad was dead for all his life but he just found out he was really being held prisoner

Book summary

At the begining of the book Creighton is a trouble maker who lives in Great Britian with his mom because his dad died. Creightons mom wants to send him to his uncles in the colonies so he can hopefully learn to behave better. Creighton finds out his uncle is the captain of a ship and when they are on their way sailing to Florida their ship gets taken over. Creightons uncle got taken prisioner and Creighton has to ack as a slave. While he acks as a slave he finds out all of Ben Franklins secrets and at night he sneaks out and shares the secrets with his uncle. One day he over heard Ben say that George Washington got captured. Creighton went to the jail to break out George Washington. But when they got there George wasn't there and Creightons dad was so they broke out his dad instead.