Support Newsletter #3



Dear all, it's been a while since the last Support Newsletter came your way. In this one a quick update on some ongoing matters within the school when it comes to the organisation of our education & the implementation of certain subjects. We hope it's an informative one! Let's start it off with a video below... great ideas to use for better sensory integration in the class!
Celebrate Calm Teacher Training: 3 Ways To Improve Focus & Behavior
Pinterest has a wealth of pictures, documents, templates and more to help us teach better. There is a lot of support-related material there as well. A small selection is available for you to browse through below:

Group Consultations

At the beginning of March, the Group Consultations will begin again. You will receive the timetable for this during the coming week and we'll inform you on what you need to prepare for us then. We'll be expanding our usage of the Group Overview even more.

Parent Consultations

Just a gentle reminder to everyone that parent consultations need to be logged into ParnasSys. The upcoming consultations of the Report Card Evening do not need to be logged, only relevant information regarding the educational development / social well-being of the children that is not yet recorded can be put on there.

ParnasSys Notes / Registrations

Our staff training on using the Notities (Notes) to register important pupil data has now completed. The next session will solely focus on implementing the Maths curriculum and how to use the Leerlijnen (Curriculum) module in ParnasSys for this. Due to technical difficulties, this was cancelled the last time but we're back on schedule the training will continue on Wednesday the 19th of February for class teachers.

Staff-Folder (on W:\Staff)

October 2013 was the month where our staff-folder got mixed up during a restructuring task by someone from SKOOL. Unfortunately, due to an insufficient backup we lost some data during that period. Ever since then, the internal network has been stable, the backup has been expanded and the W:\Staff\ Folder is a safe place to store documents. Be sure to use W:\Staff\Classes\ to store the relevant documents for you class. These include:

  • Period Planning (using the documents agreed within your section)
  • Pupil-related documents
  • Group Overview (with additional resources if needed)

Cooperative Learning Working Group / Behaviour Working Group

As mentioned over on ESHWeb, the Working Group for Cooperative Learning has been formed. The members include:

  • Anna Henry: English Language Section
  • Gertie van Dijken: Dutch & Spanish Language Section
  • Pauline van den Hoven: L1/L2 Language Classes
  • Jaap Marsman

The Behaviour Working Group is also fully staffed for now. Its members include:

  • Holly Simpson
  • Nicole Hoenselaar
  • Lindsey Banks
  • Jaap Marsman

Implementing the Houses, looking at elements of PBS, reinforcing school rules, canteen behaviour, corridor behaviour... there's plenty to keep this working group busy!

Thanks in advance to all members of staff who volunteered to work on this, together we can make ESH an amazing place to learn!

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Back in October, Birgitta spent time updating the Support Library of the Dutch Language Section so all our support resources are listed on ESHWeb, complete with a rental system. Over the next few weeks English resources will be added as well, until then, feel free to visit us and browse!

That's all for this issue, have a good week everyone!