6th Grade Newsletter

January 2017


Our sixth graders have had a busy few months as we mark the halfway point of the year! The field trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum was a blast (see pictures below), and our many activities such as the Geography Bee and Spelling Bee were held. We also played BINGO as a whole group as a celebration of our lack of tardies. Can't wait to see what the second semester has in store.

6th Grade Champions

Communication Arts (Juzwik, Rosado, Vanden Berg)

Students are wrapping up the Survival Unit this next week. We have explored the genre’s characteristics through literature and discussion. The simulation of survival scenarios led to creative writing opportunities for students. Our next reading and writing unit will explore the topic of Civil Rights and the genre of Historical Fiction. As readers, students will choose a historical fiction book to explore the genre’s characteristics, as well as analyze the way historical events are intertwined within a fictional story. Students will research an event from the Civil Right’s Movement to create a newsletter exploring the intricacies of the era. Word Study and grammar will continue to be presented throughout the units.

Science (Skipper, Hermsen)

In science class, we recently finished our unit on plate tectonics. In the unit, we focused on Plate Tectonics, Continental Drift, and Seafloor Spreading and gained an understanding of how theories such as these change over time. We also spent three blocks on our human growth and development lessons. Students did a great job handling the material and asking appropriate questions. We are now starting our Earth in Space unit. This hands on unit will focus on the relationship between the Earth, moon, and sun. Students will also be given the opportunity to explore other topics in astronomy.

Math (Timm, Steinike, Blank)

We have begun our unit on expressions and equations. Chapter 3 is a good reference tool. We are learning how to write expressions from real world problems and then solving them when the variable changes.

Advanced Math: We are continuing our use of ratios when solving percent problems. We will be learning about computing tax, interest, rates of change and so much more.

Social Studies (Klotz, Skipper)

6th Graders are currently learning about the continent of Africa. The 5 themes of geography are tied into the focus of Africa. There are little summatives throughout the study. Students are learning that this large continent is broken out into five different regions. With each region students will learn the countries and physical features that influence the ways of the people.

Upcoming Field Trip

The entire 6th grade will be taking a field trip on March 31. We are going to see the play Mockingbird, at First Stage Theater in Milwaukee.

Thank you to all the parents who chaperoned our field trip to the museum! We had a wonderful time. We saw an IMAX movie on the solar system, traveled the streets of Old Milwaukee, and hung out with butterflies! See below for pictures