Knight by Tyavias

the greatest

The Knights in shining armor

If you tried to be a knight then you had to fight in horseback. If you didn't fight on horseback then you were a regular soldier, and a knight is not a regular soldier regular soldiers walk knights ride.

What did it mean to be a knight? Who did they serve?

You had to be in the upper noble class to become a knight that was really important. The knights served everyone who needed to be served.

The best Armor for Knights

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Jousting is when two opponents on horseback fight with lances or the long poles.

And a tournament was held to lets knights show off their skills were eveyone could see it.


Now you can see knights are not regular soldiers they are soldiers that fight on horseback. Can you immagine riding on a horse while fighting with a swored that's pretty amazing to me, how about you.