Principal's Post

Blue Hills Regional Technical School

April 29, 2016

The Principal’s post is posted online bi-weekly. Please take a few minutes to read it. There are wonderful things happening at Blue Hills each week. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact my office at 781-828-5800 extension 261 and make an appointment to see me with Ms. Fama or email me at Jill Rossetti.

Gentle Reminders:

  • May 2-6, Teacher / Staff / Nurse Appreciation Week
  • Tuesday, May 3, Faculty Meeting at 2:30 PM in the Cafeteria
  • Wednesay, May 4 English Literature AP Exam at 8:00 AM
  • Friday, May 6, Senior Mid-Term
  • Tuesday, May 10, US Government AP Exam at 8:00 AM
  • Wednesday, May 11 Senior Progress Reports available on Aspen X2
  • Saturday, May 14 Incoming Student Assessment at 8:00 AM
  • Tuesday, May 17, MCAS Mathematics, Session 1, Seniors Late Arrival at 11:55 AM
  • Wednesday, May 18, MCAS Mathematics Session 2, Seniors Late Arrival at 11:55 AM
  • Thursday, May 19, Graduation Rehearsal at 8:30 AM in the Cafeteria
  • Friday, May 20, Mid-Term for grades 9, 10 and 11
  • Friday, May 20, Prom

Check out all the great things at Blue Hills (below).

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, April 12, 2016 (Photo by Judy Bass)

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National Honor Society Members

The new members are: Class of 2016 (Jacqueline Raynor); Class of 2017 (Fiona Bruce-Baiden, Randolph), (Caitlyn Hammond, Holbrook), (Sophia Kiokpasoglou, Holbrook), (Jessica Marmolejos, Randolph), (Briana Martinez, Randolph), (Sean McDonagh, Canton), (Nathan Murphy, Weymouth), (Molly O’Leary, Holbrook), (Alexis Reinoso, Randolph), (Frenika Valcin, Randolph), (Jason Yactayo, Randolph); Class of 2018 (Jeffrey Adams, Avon), (Andrew Bryant, Canton), (Kyla Hansen, Avon), (Joseph Moore, Braintree), (Emily Murray, Avon), (Paul Rampino, Canton), (Kowin Sargent, Holbrook), (Brandon Scott, Braintree), (Hannah Shea, Holbrook), (Noah Simms, Milton), (Erin Young, Holbrook), and (Kasey Zaleski, Avon).

NHS Members; Alissa Carey (Randolph, 2017), Alyssa Campbell, Randolph, 2017), Bernadly Oslyn (Randolph, 2017), Brittany McCormack (Braintree, 2016), Chloe Belanger (Norwood (2016)), Daniel Obichie (Randolph, 2017), Geoffrey Ostman (Braintree, 2016), Jacob Dillow (Norwood,2016), Keeghan Inglis-Dow (Holbrook,2016), Myle Hally (Randolph, 2016)).

NHS officers: President Szymon Plebaniak (Avon), Vice President Christopher Andrade (Randolph), Secretary Joyce Quach (Canton), Treasurer Joseph Nee (Canton), and Historian Andrew Wharton (Braintree).

Photos Provided by Judy Bass and Ms. Joann Murphy

Noah Simms, Grade 10 Playing the Viola Before the NHS Ceremony

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Daniel Obichie, Gr. 11 on Piano Before the National Honor Society Ceremony

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Alyssa Campbell, Joyce Quach, Christopher Andrade and Syzmon Plebaniak

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Syzmon Plebaniak, Gr 12, Lights Scholarship Candle

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Syzmon and Chris Present NHS Gift to Mrs. Dailey (Faculty Guest Speaker)

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Balloon Car Race Building (John Payne & Toure Haynes, Alex Taylor in red in the background) photo by Mr. Kardon

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Mr. Kardon's Physics Class --Balloon Car Race from Introduction to Newton's Third Law (photo by Mr. Kardon)

Patrick Toscano, Dan Baker, Jon Davis, Mike Nosky and Isaiah Tavares on the right in a red shirt blowing up a balloon.
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Students (Joshua and Vanessa)Working on Announcements for Flat Screen Displays (photo by Mrs. Dynan)

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From the Desk of Mr. Welch, Criminal Justice Program Field Trip to Suffolk House of Correction

Recently the Criminal Justice Program and Elective visited the Suffolk County House of Correction "South Bay" facility. 36 students toured the facility to see the everyday inner workings, and potential job opportunities. Students got a first hand look at how inmates are processed and classified into the system. Students toured the infirmary ward, several units, including the kitchen.

They also sat with and listened to several female inmates who shared personal stories about their life, and how making bad decisions led them to the House of Correction. Special thanks to Sergeant Regina Williams from the Community Affairs Department for the tour and showing the students the job opportunities that the sheriff department has to offer.

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Belize Trip

33 Seniors Travel to Belize on April Vacation

Patrick Anastasio, Bethany Bacon, Kelliann Barry, Jake Baxter, Carli Brown, Jeremy Burgos, Jakahara Cairo, Janeya Charpentier, Austin Connelly, Ashleigh Farr, Anais Fontanez, Kyra Giboyeaux, Myle Hally, Najja Harding, Keeghan Inglis-Dow, Launa Jenkins, Andrew Ly, Brittney McCormack, Megan Messina, Joshua Nee, Kaylee Noonan, Gabby Okeke, Natalia Pacheco, Aaron Parks, Andres Perdomo, Rushane Pryce, Jacqueline Raynor, Andrew Rizzo, Robert Scott, Jasmine Vazquez, Alex Verissimo, and Marisa Woods.

Chaperones: Ms. Peach, Ms. Ray, Mr. McGrath and Ms. Lovell

They went to the ancient city state of lamanai. They went zip lining and cave tubing on day three. Traveled to San Ignacio, changed hotels and looked over the town from the Cahal Pech Resort. On Day 4; they went to the Mayan Temples and the local school where they gave the children small gifts. On Day 5, they went to the Belize Zoo and Ambergris Caye by boat. On Day 6, they went snorkeling and swimming with the sharks! Some students experienced SNUBA and an underwater sea trek, too.

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Myle Hally, Zip Lining in Belize, Photo by Ms. Peach

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Climbing Mayan Temple, Photo by Ms. Peach

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Seniors, Janeya Charpentier and Jazmine Vazquez Visit to School in Belize, Photo by Ms. Peach

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Ride to Ambergris Caye, Photo by Ms. Peach ( Launa Jenkins, Kyra Giboyeaux, Myle Halle, & Brittney McCormack)

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Last Morning in Belize, Photo Compliments of Ms. Peach

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Keeghan Inglis-Dow, Grade 12, Outstanding Vocational Award Recipient 2016

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Rugby Team

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Grade 11 Engineering SkillsUSA Entrepreneurship Students: Nathan Murphy, Daniel Obichie and Andrew Wharton Prepared for Competition this Weekend

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Culinary Arts: Day on the Hill (From the Desk of Mr. Spada and Photos by Mr. Spada)

Yesterday Ms. Tate and Mr. Spada along with five students attended the Day on the Hill event at the Massachusetts State House. Our students served Bacon Wrapped Dates with Almonds, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Antipasto Tortellini Salad, Watermelon Basil Sorbet with Langue du Chat Cookies, and BLT Sliders with Roasted Garlic Aioli. Our students, along with students and teachers from 31 other schools, served over 1000 school committee members, school administrators, lobbyists, politicians, and guests. The following culinary students attended:

Dennis Torres (Grade 9)

Wadlie Pierre (Grade 10)

Alison Williams (Grade 11)

Kyra Giboyeaux (Grade 12)

Britney McCormack (Grade 12)

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Improbable Players "End of the Line" Presentation on Substance Abuse Prevention (photo by Judy Bass)

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2016 Distinguished NCTA (Norfolk County Teacher Awards) -- Congratulations and Best Wishes

Honor Award: Mike Harkin

Service Award: Joan Gainey

Future Educator Nominee and Book Award Recipient: Samantha Campanella