November 2019

Sargent Elementary School

"Digging Deep with Excellence, Unity, and Pride"

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October Students of the Month

Jordyn Matt, Liam Palmer, Micah Stephens, Jaycee weeth, Taylor Ackerman, Addie Aldridge

Mariah Atencio, Rylee Shirley, Judah Stephens, Bella Anderson, Aubree Kaiser,
Not Picured: Aiden Steerman

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95 Books for the Library!

Thank you for supporting the Sargent Bike-A-Thon! We were able to buy 95 new books for the library in addition to helping with our Leader In Me initiative.
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Upcoming Elementary Events

Veteran's Day Program

November 11th at 6:00 P.M.

Christmas Concert
December 16th 6:00 P.M.

Ski Days
Jan 16th- (5th/6th)
Feb 20th- (3rd/4th)
March 5th- (5th/6th
March 12- (3rd/4th)

Swimming for Kindergarten-2nd Grade
April 20,21,22 and 27th (Schedule to Follow this Spring)

CMAS Testing Window 3rd-6th Grade
April 6-24th (Schedule to Follow This Spring)

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Sargent Students at the Stampede Parade

Sargent elementary and secondary students showing their Farmer Pride at the annual Stampede Parade.
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Accelerated Reader 19-20

We will be continuing the AR program and working towards a big Year End Goal. However, this year students will have individual goals that are developmentally appropriate for their individual levels. These will be set by our teachers. More details to come!
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Elementary US Flag Pole Project

We are introducing an Elementary Flag pole to help instill flag etiquette and pride in our students’ daily routine. Our goal is for each student to be assigned “flag duty” this year. They will learn to raise, lower, fold and properly care for our Nation’s flag. If you would like to donate to this project, there is a donation jar in the Elementary office.

Please contact our principal, Joni Hemmerling with any questions.

Staffing for 2019-2020

Kindergarten- Jen Kimberling & Barb Davis (support)
1st Grade- Angela Maestas & Katie Brown
2nd Grade- Devi Jardon
3rd Grade- Terri Phillips &Jamie Behil
4th Grade- Kendra Durre & Nicole Rockey
5th Grade- LaVonda Castillo & Nancy Duran
6th Grade- Terry VanBibber & Kari Christoferson
Special Education- Kadi Wright
Interventionist- Kristin Stambaugh
Art/Gifted Programming- Nina Carbutt
Technology & AR coordinator- A
Music- Heather Hefner
Physical Eduaction- Jamie Glenn
Librarian- Diana Rice
School Counselor- Marcus Ortiz

Secretary- Michelle Burkhart
Principal- Joni Hemmerling

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Watch D.O.G.S

We invite Dads, Uncles, grandfathers, any positive male role models into our school to help assist teachers and provide an extra level of security. Please contact Mrs. Hemmerling to schedule a day and we will give you an official Watch D.O.G.S t-shirt to wear.


  1. STOP 1 - Week of November 4th (deadline: 4pm on October 31st)

  2. STOP 2 - Week of January 13th (deadline: 4pm on January 9th)

  3. STOP 3 - Week of March 9th (deadline: 4 pm on March 5th)

  4. Final Deadline- April 30th