January 2021

Sargent Elementary School

"Digging Deep with Excellence, Unity, and Pride"

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Important Updates!

Sargent Elementary Christmas Program 2020
How to Use Google Classroom for Parents!
Currently all our in-person events have been moved to virtual events! We will be sending a link out for our project showcase and Veteran's Day Program. We appreciate your understanding, as we are doing what we can to keep our community safe!

Sargent School District Re-Opening Plan

November Students of the Month

Back Row: Teagan Chapman Shaw, Kaylee Voss, Cali Wolfe, Jaylee Rodriguez, Shyann O'Cana and Emily Capron

Front Row: Quinn Plane, Emerie Schmittel, Kinsley Price, Zoey Barlow, Kayla Loman and Cason Sease

Top Row: Lyza Davis, Brysan Medina, Parker Mitchell, Durae Naranjo
Middle Row: Josiah Houser,
First Row: Ella Peterson, Gage Henderson, Cason Mattive, Thor Peterson & Mason Price

2020 Sargent Elementary Veteran's Day Program

Sargent Veteran's Day Program 2020

Elementary Project Showcase

Project Showcase for Sargent Elementary - Fall 2020

Upcoming Elementary Events

(Subject to Change)

Father/Daughter Dance- February 11th 6:30-8:30 Elementary Gym

2nd Semester Project Showcase- March 30th 6:00 P.M.

Skiing 3-6th grades- Wolf Creek is not taking Ski School Groups at this time. We keep checking with them often. Stay tuned.....

Swimming Lesson Dates for 2020-2021- Sand Dunes Swimming Pool at Hooper

Grades 3rd-6th
October 5th, 6th, 7th, & 12th

Grades K-2nd
April 12th, 13th, 14th & 19th

Student Fees

2020/2021 Elementary Student Fees




Swim Program


Pool contracts costs, transportation costs



Smart Board, IPad, and laptop repairs



Field Trips, special guests/speakers, class celebration, etc.

Total: $80.00

· Student fees that are paid in full on registration day will receive a 10% discount. ($72)


· 50% of student fees can be paid before or during the week of August 19th and the other 50% of student fees can be paid before or during the week of January 5th. However, not paying in full will mean that you will have to pay the full $80 without a discount.

*If your primary student did not swim last spring, that payment will roll over to this year. Meaning you can deduct swimming from fees this year.


Please see the attached 20-21 academic calendar below.
Please note there are two Friday's this year. Sept 11th and Oct. 16th.

Sargent Elementary September Students of the Month

Taci Paskett, Kaighton Decker, Alyson Wilt, Callie Griffin, Judah Stephens, Kandace Partin, Bella Anderson, Greylen Lopez, David Menges, Juliah Martinez, Addie Aldrige.
Not Pictured: Haven Barker

Online Option

If you wish for your child to enroll in our online option, please e-mail:
Joni Hemmering jhemmerling@sargent.k12.co.us for more information.

Our teacher contact is Trish Rue- true@sargent.k12.co.us.
Trish will help you get all set up with the program and a computer.

Please let us know by the end of the day on Wednesday, August 12th, if you prefer the online option.


August 18, 2020

Sargent Elementary looks forward to providing students with an educational online opportunity. The district has purchased a standards based online curriculum. Acellus will be the platform your child will access to receive instruction. All the courses will be located in one website.

You can view Acellus at https://www.acellus.com/for-your-school/ and view blog posts at https://www.acellus.com/roger-billings-blog-for-parents/.

Sargent Elementary will offer an orientation and computer pickup on campus. We will ask an adult and the student to attend the orientation. The session will last for 30 minutes and will be available in three different sessions. The session will be a hands on session. You and your student will log in to the students Acellus portal and ask general questions.

Trish Rue has will email the session orientation dates and times by Thursday 8/18 and you can select the best option for your schedule.

If you have any questions, please email jhemmerling@sargent.k12.co.us or true@sargent.k12.co.us

Supply Lists

Be Safe, Buckle Up!

Please remember to have your children buckled properly at all times. Make sure to use car seats, booster seats and always have children use the chest strap. Please see the sheet below for more specific information.
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Staffing for 2019-2020

Kindergarten- Jen Kimberling, Nicole Rockey & Barb Davis (support)
1st Grade-Nancy Duran
2nd Grade- Devi Jardon & Angela Maestas
3rd Grade- Jamie Behil
4th Grade- Kendra Durre & Terri Phillips
5th Grade- LaVonda Castillo & Katie Brown
6th Grade- Terry VanBibber & Kari Christoferson
Special Education K-12- Kadi Wright
Interventionist- Kristin Stambaugh
Art/Gifted Programming- Nina Carbutt
Technology & AR coordinator- A
Music- Heather Hefner
Physical Eduaction- Kelsey Kimberling
Librarian- Diana Rice
School Counselor- Marcus Ortiz

Secretary- Michelle Burkhart
Principal- Joni Hemmerling

Student Handbook

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Watch D.O.G.S

We invite Dads, Uncles, grandfathers, any positive male role models into our school to help assist teachers and provide an extra level of security. Please contact Mrs. Hemmerling to schedule a day and we will give you an official Watch D.O.G.S t-shirt to wear.

Breakfast and Lunch Menu

State Assessment and Opt Out Information