April 2020

Sargent Elementary School

"Digging Deep with Excellence, Unity, and Pride"

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Upcoming Elementary Events

From Food Service

Starting next Tuesday April 7th we will be handing out meal packages to anyone that is interested. You will receive a weeks worth of meals per order for your children. If you are interested in this service or have any questions please email Val Bonsall at veichner@sargent.k12.co.us.

Thank you

Kindergarten Round Up will be Taking Place On-Line
Please contact Michelle Burkhart for more information

Online Learning

As you are probably aware, we have moved to an on-line learning platform. Teachers are using google classroom and other programs. If you need any help please contact your child's classroom teacher or Mrs. Hemmerling. jhemmerling@sargent.k12.co.us

Online Book Fair

Due to our canceled book fair, or PTO will be hosting an online Book Fair. More Information will be coming soon!

Grade Level Expectations
Please see the document below regarding grade level expectations for Sargent Elementary. We hope this helps parents have an idea of what teachers expect for incoming students in their respective grade levels.

Be Safe, Buckle Up!

Please remember to have your children buckled properly at all times. Make sure to use car seats, booster seats and always have children use the chest strap. Please see the sheet below for more specific information.
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February Students of the Month

Dauamara Venzor, Zane Espinosa, Christian Jum, Caden Chong
Treven Roepke, Birdee Temple, Aiden Hinkley, Advay Jayanty,
Corbin Castillo, Dietrich Smith, Catie Deacon

Not Pictured: Makenzie Consaul

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Sargent Elementary Student’s of the Quarter (2nd Quarter)

First Row:Grayson Coulson, Lane Mattive, Rylie Harmon, Taci Paskett, Kylie Krattli, Kenley Mitchell, Olivia Rhoton, Autumn West, and Brooke Hemmerling.

Top Row: Cadyn Wright, Addison Roepke, Payton Chong, Sylvia Daugherty, Kandace Pargin, Bryson Paluson, Brayden Norris, Darius Garcia, and Judah Stephens.

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Elementary Science Fair Placers

Parker Mitchell

Best Overall

Paper Award

1st place - Elementary Physics

Madeline Mitchell -

Honorable Mention - Paper Award

1st Place - Elementary Environmental Sciences

Cold Water Resources Award

Wildlife and Natural Resources Conservation Award

Colorado Rio Grande Restoration Award

Costilla Soil and Water Conservation District Award

Durae Naranjo

Honorable mention - Oral Presentation

2nd Place - Zoology

Jason Romero Memorial Award

SLV Veterinary Association Award

Addison Roepke

Honorable Mention - Display Award

1st Place - Middle School Environmental Sciences

Colorado Rio Grande Restoration Award

Soil and Water Conservation Society of America Award

Center Soil and Water Conservation District Award

Office of Naval Research Award

Kyra Griffin

1st Place - Display Award

3rd Place - Middle School Chemistry

Accelerated Reader 19-20

We will be continuing the AR program and working towards a big Year End Goal. However, this year students will have individual goals that are developmentally appropriate for their individual levels. These will be set by our teachers. More details to come!
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Staffing for 2019-2020

Kindergarten- Jen Kimberling & Barb Davis (support)
1st Grade- Angela Maestas & Katie Brown
2nd Grade- Devi Jardon
3rd Grade- Terri Phillips &Jamie Behil
4th Grade- Kendra Durre & Nicole Rockey
5th Grade- LaVonda Castillo & Nancy Duran
6th Grade- Terry VanBibber & Kari Christoferson
Special Education- Kadi Wright
Interventionist- Kristin Stambaugh
Art/Gifted Programming- Nina Carbutt
Technology & AR coordinator- A
Music- Heather Hefner
Physical Eduaction- Jamie Glenn
Librarian- Diana Rice
School Counselor- Marcus Ortiz

Secretary- Michelle Burkhart
Principal- Joni Hemmerling

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Watch D.O.G.S

We invite Dads, Uncles, grandfathers, any positive male role models into our school to help assist teachers and provide an extra level of security. Please contact Mrs. Hemmerling to schedule a day and we will give you an official Watch D.O.G.S t-shirt to wear.


  1. STOP 1 - Week of November 4th (deadline: 4pm on October 31st)

  2. STOP 2 - Week of January 13th (deadline: 4pm on January 9th)

  3. STOP 3 - Week of March 9th (deadline: 4 pm on March 5th)

  4. Final Deadline- April 30th