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NES 6th Grade Gifted Support...Jumping into January!

Where We've Been...

As the air turns a bit chillier, we are just warming up in Humanities!

Right before Thanksgiving, we finished our Mesopotamian Study through examination of the four major empires of Mesopotamia. The students "Showed What They Know" through creating a live museum diorama of meaningful achievements of these groups. What the students created using just paper and their ideas was simply impressive!

Since, we have dove into the fascinating world of Carol Kendall's The Gammage Cup. Students have been busy analyzing, predicting and deciphering this novel's twists and turns, witty sayings and sophisticated vocabulary.

In an effort to spark an interest in Computer Science and gain a better understanding of computer script, we joined millions of students worldwide in an "Hour of Code" participating in various coding activities. The students greatly enjoyed this and I know many have been "coding" ever since! :) Interested in trying it yourself? Try it!

We finished 2015 with a STEM project attempting to build the tallest evergreen tree out of gumdrops and toothpicks! Look at pictures below to see who was the most successful!


Currently we are exploring the geography of Egypt and recognizing the environmental factors that lead to the early settlement of ancient Egypt, Kush and Canaan. Students are presenting their knowledge today on the facts!

We will also be continuing with The Gammage Cup later this week and the students will be creating a "Town Hall" trying to decide what to do with "them." Be sure to ask your child later this week what this all means! :)


  • Life in Ancient Egypt will soon be our focus!

  • Finishing The Gammage Cup

  • Geography Bee Preliminary Test--January 12

  • Geography Bee (Top Ten Finalists)--January 22

  • MAP testing--dates TBD

Lastly, I invite you to visit our Humanities class during Council Rock Education Week--Tuesday, January 19, Wednesday, January 20 and Thursday, January 21 during the 9:20-10:10 window. I look forward to seeing you!

Wishing all of you and your families a very Happy New Year!

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