Come live in Texas

Johnny Fitzsimmons

About Texas

Texas got its independence in December 29, 1845. Texas is also nicknamed " the loan star state". Texas got annexed by the U.S. by joint resolution

When Texas got its independence

The date was 12-29-1845

In December 1835, a group of disgruntled settlers took control of the alaomo, an old mission in San Antonio. Santa Anna moved his army of several thousand men into the area and decided to make an example of the insurgents. Only a few dozen fellow settlers arrived from other areas in Texas to reinforce their compatriots in the Alamo.

Main settlers of Texas

Lots of acres for settlers

Vast Texas Land

Come live on the vast land of Texas. Its beautiful here and there's so much land. There is enough room for thousands of new Texas settlers. There are thousands of acres open for new settlers that want to start a new life in Texas

Texas routes

There were very many Texas routes that Texas settlers took back when there were cattle drive. Stephen F. Austin began to leads the Anglos to Texas in 1821. Many of these colonists were English birth. The Constitution of the Republic of Texas made more people want to come to Texas.

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What you need to survive???

You will need guns and food. Guns you can trade for food,silverware. If you are a rancher you should bring cattle and other ranching animals. If you are a farmer you should bring a wagon some cows some seeds and a plow.

Land for Empresario's

Each acre was 12.5 cents. 640 acres for the man, 320 acres for the wife, 160 acres for each child, and 80 acres for each slave.