The Creation of the United States

By: Kaitlyn Richardson

The Thirteen Colonies

At this time in U.S. history, we where ruled by Great Britan. Instead of states there where the thiteen colonies. These Colonies where; New york, South Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virgina, North Carolina, Delaware, New Jersey, Conneticut, New Hampshire, Massachutes, Maryland, and Rhode Island.


One of the main problems caused by the colonies, was that some of the colonists, wanted to have their own government and break away from Britan. Other people, sometimes known as loyalists, wanted to remain being ruled by Britain.

Another problem was that Brtain was taxing the Colonists. The colonists thought is was unfair that they didn't have a say in the matter. "No taxation without represantation."

These are only a few of the problems. As time passed, the colonists began boycotting the tax collection. One of the most famous protests, was the Boston Tea Party. At this event, protesters dressed like indians and threw British tea off of the boats into the water near the coast of Boston.

Schoolhouse Rock- No More Kings

The war begins

With taxing and the Boston Tea party, The Revolutionary war slowly begins. The Colonists want freedom, and Britain wants to remain in charge. During the very beginnig, a gun was shot. This was known as "The Shot Heard Round' The World". No one knows who really fired this shot. All we know for sure is that it was the first shot of the war. The first bubble of many in a boiling pot known as the Revolutionary War.
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George Washington leads the Colonists to fight.

With Washington incharge, many mIlitias are created. An Army is slowly formed. The fight lasts for days on end. After a little over 8 years the war ends. The Patriots win. We have the freedom we have been longing for.
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The United States is born.

On July 4th 1776, the 2nd Continental Congress meeting was held. On this very day, The United States of America, declared independence from Great Britain. We were now a country.