Black Howler Monkey

By Emily

Name, Habitat, Diet

This monkey is a mammal that lives in the rain-forests of North and South America. Living in groups of 4 to 19 the Black Howler Monkey walks, rather than jumps from tree to tree. The Black Howler Monkey is strictly vegetarian eating only flowers, fruits, an leaves.


The black Howler Monkey isn't threatened by any living creatures, but by habit loss (deforestation).


When standing the Black Howler monkey can be 22 to 35 inches tall, their tales almost as long as their bodies. They use their tale to grab onto branches and to steady their balance. They have loud yells that earns them their name having been heard from two miles away by scientists. The Black Howler monkey lives for about 15 years in the wild and 20 in captivity.

Fun Facts

1) Some scientists predict that the Black Howler monkey could be extinct in 35 years.

2) In the zoo howler monkeys howl about once or twice a week and in the wild they howl more often about twice or three times a day. This is because in the wild they feel the need to protect their food more than in the zoo.

3) They travel in groups of about 5-8 individuals. Howling at night and in the morning to warn other groups of monkeys of their presence.