6th Grade Band Notes

November 13, 2014- Yankee Candle, Concert Info, Solo Contest

Yankee Candle Delivery

Yankee Candle orders will be delivered on Tuesday, November 18th. Students will be picking up their orders during their 9th period class. If your child has a large order, please make sure that they have a ride home arranged as their items will not fit on the bus.

Winter Band and Chorus Concert- Tuesday, December 16th

We are very excited to present our first concert of the year to you VERY SOON! Our Winter Concert will be on Tuesday, December 16th and 7:00 P.M. at LJHS. All students will need to arrive in uniform by 6:15 and be in the gymnasium for a warm-up by 6:20 P.M. We will be opening the concert so be sure to arrive on time! The students need to stay for the entire concert which should end at approximately 8:30P.M. The uniform for Concert Band is black on bottom and white on top. Please be sure that the students have black socks and black dress shoes.

Solo and Ensemble Contest- Saturday, February 21st

In their band lessons, students have received information about our upcoming Solo and Ensemble Contest in February. If you have had a student in the LJHS Band before, you know all about this. If you have not, please read the text below to familiarize yourself with how this Contest works.

What exactly is this festival?

It is tradition here at Lisle Junior High that every 6th-8th Grade student performs a solo at the annual IGSMA Contest. In the coming weeks before holiday break, students will choose a solo to begin preparing. Small-group lessons in the months of January and February will primarily be to prepare the students on their solos. Mr. Schraub and Mrs. Kiener strongly believe that this festival is one of the most important parts of the students’ musical education here at Lisle. By preparing a solo, the students will vastly improve their technique on their instruments and, in turn, our band as a whole will rapidly improve.

What do I need to perform at this festival?

All band students are required to perform a solo. In addition to their solo, students will also have the opportunity to play in an optional small-group ensemble with their friends.

What solo should I play?

All band students will need to order a solo book. Each book contains several different solos from which the students can choose as well as a CD that they can play along with to learn their piece. Here are the books that we recommend for each student:

  • Trumpets- Trumpet Stars by H.A. Vandercook (Hal Leonard publishing)

  • Trombones and Baritones- Trombone Gems by H.A. Vandercook (Hal Leonard publishing)

  • All other instruments- Festival Solos Book 2 by Bruce Pearson and Mary Elledge (KJOS Music Company)

Where should I get my solo book from?

We recommend that you contact Quinlan and Fabish Music in Burr Ridge (630-654-4111) or Band Source in Downers Grove (630- 477-0426) to order/purchase your solo. These retailers have a large number of solos in stock. You can simply call them and order your child’s recommended solo book over the phone with a credit card. If you order from Quinlan and Fabish, their representative can deliver the solo book directly to school. Please try to order as soon as possible.

When should I order my solo book?

As soon as possible! The earlier you choose your solo and acquire your book, the more prepared you will be for the contest when it arrives. Please have your solo book ordered by Friday, November 14.

Do I need a piano accompanist?

Yes, all students will perform their solo with a piano accompanist. We recommend that you contact one of the following accompanists as soon as possible to reserve your slot with them. E-mail is the preferred route of communication. Please have an accompanist chosen and contact that accompanist by Friday, November 21.

Mrs. Phyllis Sutton 630-309-8879 phylsutton@comcast.net

Mrs. Arlene Leonard 630-493-8120 aleonard@lisle202.org

Mrs. Stephanie Boesso 630-968-6134 sboesso@yahoo.com

*You can use any piano player that you wish; it does not have to be one of the above names. However, your accompanist must be able to play at an advanced level.

Timeline of Events:

  1. Order your solo book by Friday, November 14th

  2. Contact a piano accompanist and let Mr. Schraub know who that accompanist is by Friday, November 21st.

  3. Schedule rehearsal time with your piano accompanist. You should plan on practicing 2-3 times with your accompanist BEFORE the contest on February 21st.

  4. Practice, practice, practice!! This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills!

More specific information about the festival will be sent out at a later date. Right now, the students need to simply focus on choosing a solo and preparing it. If you have any questions about any of this information, please contact Mr. Schraub or Ms. Kiener.