Harriet Tubman

By: Sebastian, Jordan, and Rebecca

Early Life

  • Harriet Tubman was a slave
  • Slaves tried to escape to the north
  • She escaped in 1849
  • She went to Philadelphia
  • Harriet wanted to help others escape

Life's Work

  • Harriet became part of the Underground Railroad
  • Escaping slaves used this system of safe houses
  • Slaves traveled to house to house
  • Harriet led 300 slaves escape to freedom

Later Years

  • During the Civil War she worked in the North
  • She was a scout, cook, and nurse
  • When Abe Lincoln was president she was working
  • She continued to help black people

Important Information & Fun Facts

  • She raised money for school for black kids
  • Harriet died in 1913
  • People remember her for helping slaves
  • She was born in Maryland in the 1820s



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