February 2021

Superintendents Message

HJSD Parents,

Second semester is off to a great start. Please note, we are offering an after school tutoring/enrichment program every other Wednesday from 3:45-4:45 pm. This will include a fifteen minute break with snacks, 45 minutes of intense intervention or enrichment, and transportation. Dates thru end of school year include: Feb. 3, 17; Mar. 3, 17; April 7, 21; May 5, 19.

Once again, our supplemental levy is up again, March 9, 2021. The good news is the board approved a reduction of $50,000 from the previous supplemental levy, thus a reduction for all property owners. I plan to share specifically what the levy will support. Those locations and times include:

Feb. 8-11 Elementary & High School Staff

Feb. 17 City Council meeting, 7:00 pm

Feb. 22-Mar 5 Hagerman coffee shop am

Feb. 24 Open public meeting on Wednesday in the new gymnasium; 6:00 pm

Of course, we can’t tell anyone how to vote, but we encourage all of you to vote

I too want to recognize the efforts of many parents and HJSD supporters who are in the process of creating a Hagerman Booster Club. If interested in getting involved, please contact Josh Mavencamp Jesse Coit, or Dan Knapp.

Finally, I want to express my sincere gratitude for being nominated certified employee of the month, along with our classified employee of the month, Business Manager – Cathy Bridwell.

Parents, thanks again for your support and trust in the Hagerman Joint School District. We are confident that all students will be successful if we work together as a team, build their self-esteem, and instill the ARRGH virtues that drive our purpose to produce Academic Achievers, Clear Communicators, Responsible Citizens, and Quality Producers. Our climate is a result of the virtues we instill with all Hagerman Pirate students, ARRGH


R – Respect

R – Responsible Go Pirates!

G – Gratitude

H – Honest

Our January ARRGH students of the month include:

Virtue: _______________K-3 ____________________4-6

Attitude.............. Lizbeth Estrada 2............... Ava Ortiz Wells 6

Respect ..............Ava Mostoller 1 ..................Will Mavencamp 6

Responsibility ....Quinn Jones 3.................... Miranda Alvarez 4

Gratitude .............Tristan Lyons K.................. Clara Jones 5

Honesty ...............Kylie Corey 2 .....................Daryn Underwood 5

Certified/Classified Employees of the month:

Certified: Dr. Jim R. Brown Elementary Principal/Superintendent

Classified: Cathy Bridwell Business Manager – District Office

Important Dates:

Feb. 8 JH BBall 4:00 pm vs Oakley

Feb. 8 Board mtg. 7:00 pm

Feb. 9 BBall Sr. Night 6:00 pm vs Bliss

Feb. 15 No School

Feb. 17 Supplemental Levy presentation @ City Council meeting

7:00 pm

*After school tutoring/Enrichment 3:45-4:45 pm

Feb. 19 Professional Development HJSD 8-4:15 pm

Feb. 22-Mar. 5 Coffee shop levy informational items shared

Mar. 3 After school tutoring/Enrichment 3:45-4:45 pm

Mar. 9 Supplemental Levy presentation Chamber of Commerce luncheon 12:00 noon at Snake River Grill

Mar. 9 Supplemental Levy voting day

Mar. 17 After school tutoring/Enrichment 3:45-4:45 pm

Mar. 22-25 Spring Break

Dr. Jim R. Brown, Ed.D.
Elementary Principal/Superintendent

MISSION: To provide a safe, secure environment and quality educational opportunities which prepare our students for a life of learning and achievement.

VISION: Hagerman School District will be a vibrant, nurturing community where all students have pride in their scholastic achievement and are productive, involved citizens of society, with the tools to reach their dreams.


Big picture
Big picture

Principals Corner

HJSD Parents the following information was sent home Thursday February 11th on a piece of paper to each student.

We are trying to update our records and we need your help. Part of the success of your student depends on our academic communication with you. That being said, we would like to have you fill out the following form to help with our academic communication.

  1. Do you have access to your child’s PowerSchool account?



___Do not have internet access.

If “yes” please skip to step #3.

If “no” please read step #2.

  1. Go to

--Click on “Students”

--Click “Create a new account”.

--Click “Details” for information on how to use the account.

--If it seems confusing, please contact the front office for assistance.

Parents, we need you to be able to create an account and access your students academic information.

3) Please log in to your students account and update your phone number, email

address, and contact information. This will also be good practice for parents

just to get on PowerSchool.

Please mark on of the following:

___I already have a PowerSchool account and can access my students grades.

___I was able to set up a PowerSchool account and can now access my students grades.

___I will need to contact the office for help setting up a PowerSchool account.


Student Survey Results on Elective Courses.

82/118 (69%) responses 7th-11th grade 1/27/21

  1. Food Science (62) JH/HS

  2. Body Conditioning (57) HS

  3. ART (50) JH/HS

  4. PE (48) JH

  5. AG (46) JH/HS

  6. Welding (38) HS

  7. Drama (29) JH/HS

  8. Sewing (22) JH

  9. Journalism (22) HS

  10. Web Design (21) HS

  11. Interactive Media (20) HS

  12. Programming (20) HS

  13. Music/Choir (17) JH/HS

  14. Keyboarding (17) JH

  15. Reading (14) JH

  16. Comp Apps (13) JH/HS

  17. Desktop Publishing (13) JH

  18. Russian (11) JH

  19. Accounting (11) HS

  20. Fund IT (5) HS

Elective Interests:

French.... Communications.... Archery... Spanish

First-Responder.... Coding... German... EMT

Home Economics... Band... Wood-working

Auto Body... Automotive... Small Engine Repair

Dance... Game Designing... Mechanical Engineering

Knitting/Crochet... Robotics... Photography



There will be a survey coming soon that will require your input regarding our school, teachers, and administration. We will let you know where to find the link take the survey. Your input is valuable for these surveys and we would appreciate your input. Thank you.

JH/HS Athletics

We would like to thank Joe and Kristal Kendall for their time and effort in coaching the junior high boys basketball team. The jh boys team was the #1 seed in the Sawtooth Conference Tournament and took 2nd place in the tournament. Great season boys!!!!

We would like to thank Jessica Knapp and Denise Mavencamp for their time and effort in coaching the junior high girls. The jh girls team was the #4 seed in the Sawtooth Conference Tournament. Great season girls!!!

Beginning for the JUNIOR HIGH SPORTS SEASON 20-21:


*ALL football/volleyball/basketball games will begin at 4 PM @ home and away.

*Girls basketball season will be November thru December. Junior High BBB will play in Magic Valley Madness League. Junior High wrestling will be offered during this time.

*Boys basketball season will be January thru February. Junior High GBB will play in the Magic Valley Madness League. Junior High cheer will be offered during this time.


*TROCCER (Track and Soccer--we call it troccer because we cross-train all junior high students to participate in both. We don't have enough students to pick one of these to participate in.)


All positions need to fill out a job application and have a background check. Go to, click Hagerman School District, click employment, the Classified applications are at the bottom. Please turn in all applications to Cathy Bridwell, Business Administrator. Thank you.

Hiring for the following:

*Substitute teachers

*(2) SPED Para-Professionals

*Classroom Para-professional

*HS Boys Track Coach