The Pre-Hispanic Times

9/7/2015 (B.C.) Ms. Maruca Morales/Gustavo Glz. 7thB

The Toltecs: Archeology

The Toltecs capital is Tula with its great, pyramids totems which represent religion and magnificent monuments to their gods and religious altars. "The toltec architecture is in great advance" says an Incan warrior.Toltec Civilization - Archaeology -

The Teotihuacan geography

Why do the Teotihuacans grow so much?

The answer? simple its the geographic space their in. They settled in grassy plains at the outskirts of tall mountains with lakes besides them,so they have fertile land where to hunt and water from where to get fish out of, so thats why this empire is so grand.Teotihuacan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia