Be the Victor! Not Victim!

Do not delay, Conquer Obesity Today!

It might not be as hard as you think!

When it comes to losing weight, people frown, become fearful, and assume that it will take a lot of excessive work, when actually 60 minutes of your day (as a child), and 30 minutes of your day (as an adult) can make the difference! The difference between being obese and healthy!


Like me, i'm pretty sure you think being obese and overweight is simply the same, just different terms...if you thought that, then like me, you are wrong! To be overweight means to be over a weight that is considered normal and healthy. To be obese means to be severely overweight. Statistics show that nearly 1 in 3 children (ages 2-19) is obese in the U.S., and that overweight kids are likely to become overweight adults.

Can you tell us what are some effects of Obesity?

I'm glad you asked! Obesity can cause:

  • Diabetes: [Type II] a.k. Adult onset diabetes. This is when the body does not use insulin properly.
  • Asthma: extra weight can make it harder to breathe and can inflame the respiratory tract
  • Heart failure: being overweight makes heart work harder.

I'm a little scared now! What can I do to prevent this?

Don't be afraid! Here's what you can do:

Physical Activity

  1. increase physical activity:as stated children need at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily and children 60 minutes (1 of 3 children gets physical activity).
  2. decrease screen time: school-age children spend an average of 7.5 hrs/day watching T.V. and using electronics
  • it's not the inactive aspect of watching TV that's so harmful, but screen time is often watched at bedtime and paired with unnecessary snaking.

  1. increase fruits and vegetables: only 20% of high school students in our country report eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily
  2. eat real food: studies, done over 30 years, show a rise in the amount of calories our kids are consuming in the form of fast foods, convenience stores, and snacks.
  • homemade meals and healthy snacks
  1. drop liquid calories: sugary beverages (sodas, juices...) are now the largest source of added sugar in the diets of our nation's youth

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