Why No Sex Is The Best Sex

Young people age 15 to 24 account for 50% of all new STDs, although they represent just 25% of the sexually experienced population

1 in 4 teens contracts an STD/STI every year.

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But How can you prevent getting infected?

Pregnancy can put Your Future on Hold.

Less than 2% of teen moms earn a college degree by age 30.

A sexually active teen who doesn’t use contraceptives has a 90% chance of becoming pregnant within a year.

Can You Do This Alone?

8 out of 10 teen dads don’t marry the mother of their child.

Almost 50% of teens have never considered how a pregnancy would affect their lives.

What is the most effective way to prevent teen pregnancy?

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Abstinence is the only way to truly prevent STIs and teen pregnancy.