The Wright Brothers

Riley and Caden

Their Passion for Airplanes

The two brothers went to school in 1896 to study the state of flying and guiding air machines. Their first time to experiment with their first air glider was near sand dunes in North Carolina. Orville and Wilbur created a six foot tunnel in 1901-1902. The Wright brothers' airplane machine was the first to lift a human by itself. The glider was created near Dayton, Ohio.

The brothers accomplishments

  • The Wright Brothers won a metal of honor in the year of 1909 , they reached their home from a Europe tour. Dayton, Ohio awarded the Wright Brothers with each a gold medal.
  • The brothers and there 1 sister were awarded a legion of honor metal after there 1908 and 1909 demonstrations.
  • The Wright Brothers created 3 airplanes in 1900-1902 to accomplish there goal of lifting an airplane with a human being carried off the ground.