By Ally Condie --sci-fi

All about Reached

This a sci-fi book. The main character, Cassia is a girl from a future strict society where all her choices have been made for her. Now she has a chance to break free from her chain to save her family and her city from being destroyed. She has always been a good girl and followed all of the rules, but now she will join the opposite side and hope to stop a deadly disease from killing her world. After countless struggles she is able to cure the disease but in the end her father takes the tole.


Cassia has been best friends with Xander until her matching banquet. She was given 2 matches Xander and Ky. She has to find Ky after he was sent away, gets tangled with the society (a rights movement), and has to battle an illness for her life and everyone else's. She must find a cure for the plague before its too late... but will the plague take her down before she can?

Best Parts

My favorite part is when Cassia finally cures Ky and saves him using the Cassia plant. I love this part because after so much struggling Cassia and Xander must do they finally make it. They travel in so much secrecy to find a village and meet the pilot. I think Ally Condie does a great job of showing what happens in the story with w


-"A New York Times bestselling series."

- amazon 4-star rating of 1,226 customer reviews

- Good Reads 3.57 rating of 100,958 ratings and 9,376 reviews

-Kirkus Reviews best teen book of 2012


-Publishing date January of 2011

-3 books in the series

-Ally Condie has written 10 book

-This book has 512 pages and is recommended for kids 12+


-I would recommend this heartwarming story to anyone!

-This is a great page turner and is guaranteed to be enjoyed.

-Ally Condie has written a great book filled with adventure and discovery.

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