Hair Replacement for Men

Know About The Hair Replacement Systems for Men

Non-surgical hair replacement is gaining quite the popularity among people nowadays. Male pattern baldness and hair-thinning is no more as big a concern as it was even a few years back due of this brilliant innovation. To give a person the appearance of a fuller head, an external head bearing device is attached to the existing hair or scalp. That is why this is the most safest and thorough technique rather than going for surgery. This involves different hairpieces for men like hair extensions, weaves, wefts, toupees and wigs.

However, while opting for a specific hair-system, one has to keep in mind certain issues. Whether the hair piece will suit the person or not, the scalp skin and hair profile, the hair texture, the growth and fall rate, all these should be considered.

It is very essential to know what exactly causes hair loss in the first place. Poor circulation of hair follicles in the scalp, vitamin deficiency, and improper diet are some of the secondary reasons. Hormonal changes, aging and hereditary causes could very well be the prime reason for hair loss in men. The loss of hair among men is truly a very complex condition and it affects the person suffering from it tremendously. The external hairpiece for men is really a genius idea but then the industry dealing with hair loss can be quite treacherous. One needs to be extremely cautious regarding which hair type one really wants to go for. This generally takes a thorough know-how of the subject so that one can be on the safe side.

The hair system of men differs vastly from the ones that are created for women. A quality hair system can be procured with a little prudence from the client’s side. If one has any doubt regarding the hair piece then the customer should immediately sort it out with the dealers/suppliers. Different materials are used when it comes to the making of the hair piece. However, the two basic parts are the base and the hair.

The base is made out of lace or mono filament or polyurethane. The hair part is made out of either synthetic hair or human hair. The selection of a particular hair replacement procedure is of course done by professionals. The hair systems which have the base made out of lace are very popular among men. They provide a natural, barely discernible look and are also very light and delicate. However, giving a proper thought about the material one chooses is also a matter of importance.

For a natural appearance, regular maintenance is a must. Many visit salons to get the hair system re-arranged and thoroughly cleaned while some do it at home. The hair pieces may be attached, tied or even injected at times to the base material. They can be attached to the base system with the aid of toupee and wig tapes. Water proof skin safe adhesives and glues can also be used. The toupee tapes and wig tapes are basically double-sided, transparent tapes. They are available in the market both in rolls and strips.

The non surgical hair replacement system for men is indeed a ground breaking procedure. A good quality, durable hair piece can really go a long way.

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