Asiatic Dayflower

Spiderwort Family

About the Asiatic Dayflower

The Asiatic Dayflower is the color blue. The flower position is the single atop stem. This wildflower's leaf shape is oblong smooth. And the flower-type of the Asiatic Dayflower is 3 petals. It grows 6-30 inches long. The flower head is 3/4-1 inch wide. June-October is when this flower blooms.

Where And When You Can See The Asiatic Dayflower

You can see this flower in yards, fields, open woods, and waste places ( where the garbage goes). This flower you can see if you are in the Midwest, Northeast, or Southeast part of the United States Of America.

Some Extra Wow Facts

  • The flowers on this wildflower only last one day until they fade.This is how the flower got it's name.
  • The Asiatic Dayflower's top two petals are larger than the bottom petals.
  • In Chinese it's called yazhicao or duckfoot and in Japanese it's called tsuyukuva or dew herb.

Uses And Warnings

This wildflower can be eaten. It can be raw in salads and can be steamed like spinach. And just to tell you it's hard to control, it is like a weed.

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