Some ideas T&L


Write a question on the brick.

The bricks could be colour coded for differentiation


Place a picture in the middle of the page and draw lines out to create different sections.

For revision pupils can write down different topic headings then in the sections they can list different points under the topic heading.

You could let pupils come up with their own headings that relate to the pitcure.

You could get pupils to make links between different topic areas

Photo above without headings

Photo to the side with headings

Mind maps

Gives pupils the key words + less writing!

Four rules

1. Add colour

2. Use images

3. Write in capitals

4. Write on top of the lines!


Link up the dominoes up. So the question is matched up with the answer.The same can be done with tri-ominos

Questions - five out of three

Get pupils into teams, try and make them a similar ability.

Make all the questions out of 3 marks.

If they get three marks out of three from the mark scheme they get three point. If they can make more than 3 points that are on the mark scheme they get 4 point. The answer with the most marks from the mark scheme gets a bonus point.

You can do this in a number of different ways. Let the team work all together from the start and give them a sheet of questions. Cut the questions up then they decide which question to start on. Once answered they hand it in and move on to the next question.

Give pupils a question each (match question to ability) they then have to have a go at answering the question first before a team mate can help them