Marshall Bruce Mathers III

Rapper Eminem

All About Eminem

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Facts about rapper eminem

  1. As a young child Marshall's mother was on multiple "things" and so Marshall created the song "Cleaning Out My Closet" in response to what his mother had done to him as a child.
  2. Eminem was on drugs for depression for the better part of his life. He had produced multiple songs while doing so, songs like: "Purple Pills", "Lose Yourself", and "White America".
  3. Eminem was born on October 17 1972. He was the 3rd Marshall Bruce Mathers in his family next to his grandfather and uncle.
  4. Eminem has worked with many other artists like Tupac, Big Proof, Dr. Dre, and Rihanna.
  5. Marshall was friends with Big Proof when he died in 2009. Big was shot leaving a mall and Eminem produced a song in his honor called "Like Toy Soldiers"

My Favorite Eminem Songs

My favorite songs by rapper eminem
  • Like Toy Soldiers
  • Cleaning Out My Closet
  • Rap God
  • Slim Shady
  • Bezerk
  • Survival
  • Not Afraid
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Eminem ft. Rihanna - The Monster (Clean + Lyrics)

This next photo was Eminem's home when he was a child

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This is his home now

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Eminem's LIfe Now

His current life consists of these things
  • He has a daughter named Haily
  • He has a very expensive home
  • He is always in the studio
  • and he does not have a wife anymore
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The picture above was Eminem and his ex wife Kimberly

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This other picture is Eminem's daughter Haily

Eminem's Song

Eminem's song Mockingbird is about his daughter and niece Laney. He talks about how he left Kim and tries to help his two favorite girls. He states in the song that he would buy his young daughter (at the time) anything she wanted.


Many people state that Eminem was killed in 2002 by the Iluminati. Eminem got angry at people saying he was dead, in the witness protection, and a clone so he created the song Slim Shady. In this comedy gold song, he raps about how he is the real Slim Shady. How anyone can try and be like him but no one will be him