The Frog In The Well

Maos Last Dancer

What It's All About?

It's about a frog in a well who meets a frog who told him about the outside world and then the frog was determined to get out of the well but failed.

Li Cunxin and the Frog

What is similar between Li Cunxin's story and the frog's story? They both are stuck in a confined world.
What sentences could we take from the fable and add Li's name to? "The little frog was determined" "Li was determined.

What can be learnt?

  1. Why do you think Li Cuxnin included this fable into his story? Because he feels he has a similarity to the frog
  2. What does the fable tell us about fate? It tells us fate is not usually wrong and is hardly ever changed
  3. Did many people have opportunities and happy endings like Li did? No