Hurricane Charley of 2004


Today is one of the many days of hurricane season. Hurricanes are big dangerous storms. If people do not take precautions, they could be injured or even killed. Hurricanes have high wind that rip through buildings, houses and much more. Hurricanes are on of the deadliest storms known to man kind.

Formation & Strength

Hurricanes form in the warm waters of the ocean. They form in water and eventually hit land. Once a hurricane has hit land it loses some of its strength,it sometimes turns into a tropical disturbance. Hurricanes can cause up to millions of dollars in damage.

Damage of a hurricane

Hurricanes are very strong and can cause tons of damage of places and people.

Categorizing & Naming

Hurricanes have high winds which puts the hurricanes into categories. There are five categories for a hurricane. If a hurricane is listed as a category 1 hurricane that means that the hurricane has winds that are between 74-95 mph. Category 5 hurricanes have winds higher than 155 mph. Hurricanes have names too. Hurricanes get their names from the day and month they formed in.

Famous Hurricane

One hurricane that was kind of famous was Hurricane Charley. Hurricane Charley formed on August 9, 2004. Charley first made landfall in Cuba and made its way to the coast of North Carolina. During the destruction of Hurricane Charley, 15 people died. Hurricane Charley had winds up to about 150 mph. Since Charley had such high winds and strength Charley cost about $15 billion in damage.

Satellite image of Hurricane Charley

Scientists take satellite images of hurricanes. These satellite images help scientists see how big a hurricane is.

Hurricane Conclusion

Hurricanes are very deadly and can cause tons of damage. They can gain wind strengths up to about 155 mph or higher. Hurricanes kill thousands of people each year. Hurricanes are among one of the deadliest storms ever. So if a hurricane is coming your way get out of its way and take precautions.
Breana Eubanks