The Best and Worst of 2015

Marketing 1, Kyle Salata Period 5

Taco Bell

The food industry has changes rapidly throughout the past couple of years, going from homemade food to fast food. Even though McDonald's has done a lot to try and get more costumers in their restaurant but have been decreasing recently because people rather have something a little more creative. Taco Bell have delivered by creating the interesting Doritos Locos Tacos and making funny commercials to air on TV.


When it comes to phones apple has always had a strong hold on phones and throughout 2015 they released the Iphone 6 which was a big success. All tough Apple is not amazing at making commercials they were still able to get to the top of the leader boards in another year even with the fierce competition.


Earlier this year At&t and Direct TV merged and now At&t is able to spread their internet service throughout the United States. This also means that the people who are with Direct TV will move over to At&t since they will get great deals on new phones and internet services.

Best Products of 2015

- Iphone 6
- Apple Watch

Worst Products of 2015

- Hoverboard
- Skinny Mirror

Star Wars Episode 7

After about 30 years Star Wars came out with another episode which was a continuation of the last one number 6. Everyone knew about it and when it was going to come out because of the non-stop advertisements and sponsorship that Star Wars has acquired throughout the release of their movie. Although people say it wasn't as good as 4,5, or 6 it was still possibly the greatest movie of 2015.

Jurassic World

Although nothing like the original and how popular they were, Jurassic World was still a big hit in box offices when it released in 2015. A lot of the movie had sponsorship that in my opinion kinda of killed the great potential of it, but since it had Chris Pratt as one of the main characters it was pretty good and with the amount of amazing visual effects placed throughout the movie made it even better.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is widely known as a great singer in the US and throughout 2015 has done a great job creating original songs but also promoting them to where every radio station is playing them. She does many interviews and appears on many shows to create publicity and buzz about her music. She does a create job at this because of her nice behavior to her fans and the public.

The Weekend

Although not widely known as Taylor Swift or some of the other big artists The Weekend was able to produce some incredible songs in 2015. Since they don't create as many songs on the radio as other artists they do a good job promoting their 1 or 2 really popular songs that go viral. Also having some band members with crazy hair stands out then some other bands.

Top 10 Movies of 2015

1. Mad Max Fury Road

2. Star Wars Episode 7

3. The Martian

4. Creed

5. The Revenant

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My Personal Goal

My goal for 2016 is to do better in school and get all A's throughout the school year. For many years I have been doing mostly A's with the occasional B but this year I am going to try and go for the all A's