NDS Update

New News, Updates/Reminders and Resolutions

Did You Know...?

REMINDERS (or Nag, Nag, Nag)

  • Nielsen Revenue Reporting for 1/1/15 - 12/31/15 is now due.
  • Gray Revenue Reporting for December, 2015 is now due.
  • That's all - just those two.

New Year's Resolutions - Here Are Mine

  1. Hold the NDS affiliate meeting in a warm location at an affordable hotel with good entertainment options nearby. How about the Las Vegas Embassy Suites on April 15th and 16th? Mark your calendars!
  2. Offer affiliates an option where they can access NSE help with demos, etc. We'll have more info on this coming soon!
  3. Get more frequent updates out to affiliates. Yeah - I will definitely work on that!

Questions, Comments, Thoughts, Suggestions, Resolutions of Your Own?

Any feedback you have really is welcome and I'd love to hear anybody's resolutions. Hope everyone has a very safe, healthy and Happy New Year!