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February 5, 2016

Class Valentine Exchange

Just a reminder that we will be exchanging valentines on Friday, Feb. 12. We will be doing this first thing in the morning, so please make sure your child has their valentines in their bookbag and ready to go. Please do not send in extra candy or treats.

Also, if your child chooses to participate, please make sure your child has a valentine for every child in the class. This is a great time to practice name writing and using capital letters at the beginning of people's names. We have 21 students in our classroom and a list of names went home last week in the Orange Folders. We can't wait to celebrate a day of friendship and love!

Parent Teacher Conference Sign-Up

Information is coming home in your child's folder regarding sign up for parent teacher conferences. Students will be released at 12:15 on Feb. 25 and 26 so teachers can conference with parents.

Dr. Seuss Week...Coming Soon!

Friday, March 4th will be "funny food" day in honor of Dr. Seuss week. If you are interested in sending in "funny food" please let me know! Examples include Cat in the Hat snacks, Truffula Tree cupcakes, Green Grinch Punch, Pink Ink Drink, Hop on Popcorn, etc. See the picture for just one example. If you search "Dr. Seuss food," tons of fun suggestions pop up!

Next week, we are learning...

In reading we will begin learning how to compare and contrast characters and adventures in story with prompting and support. Students will use read-alouds to identify similarities and differences in characters, settings, and events. Students will use venn diagrams to show their understanding and are encouraged to draw detailed pictures as well as label or even write their ideas!

In writing, we will be using our knowledge of opinion writing to help us write about our favorite Valentine's candy . Students should be practicing their writing at home and learning how to write about a topic with 2-3 well developed sentences. You can help with this by asking your child to read their writing to you and prompting them to add more details. Encourage your child to write tricky words correctly by listening to the sounds they hear and writing them in sequence. At this point, students should begin spelling sight words correctly.

In math, we will be focusing on making and extending patterns. You can help at home by using a variety of objects for students to make patterns with. Students must be able to make AB, AAB, AABB, and ABC patterns. You can help your child at home with patterning by giving your child objects to make patterns with (buttons, coins, counters, etc). We will also be reviewing coins and their values. Students will be learning about the presidents and the symbols on the coins. This is an excellent opportunity for students to gain mastery of this skill for GKIDS!

In social studies, we will begin our study of presidents. We will focus on George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and President's Day. Students will be introduced to terms such as the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and honesty.

Thank You

Thank you so much to the Yellow River Game Ranch! On Groundhog Day, MPES had a special visit from General Lee! It was so much fun for the students (and teachers) to observe and see a real groundhog! Make sure to ask your child what he/she learned about the groundhog this week and if it saw its shadow!
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App of the week

Check out Todo Math, a free app that has games for many kindergarten standards.

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