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Welcome back!

Welcome back NH families! It has been a wonderful start to the school year. We've had 7 days of school thus far and it keeps getting better.

We are to the point where our daily routines and expectations are becoming commonplace. We continue to grow as a school community and are enjoying getting to know our new Tigers. We have a great community & our returning students have been amazing role models. I really could not ask for much more.

Each month I will send a newsletter out to all of our families to keep you abreast of what is happening within the school and district community. Our classroom teachers will send out more frequent communication to let you know what is taking place within the grade levels and classroom. We also update our FB page for those that prefer social media, but will also send information through IC (parent email) and more pertinent, timely information will be reserved for all calls.

I try to subhead all of our information so that scrolling through is easier and you can quickly find what may pertain to you. I have included additional information to my newsletter based on some parent requests in last year's survey.

I will send out our school newsletter at the start of each month, but wanted to send out a quick note about August!

We are all definitely looking forward to a great school year this year, filled with many new and old traditions!

ZONAR (bus app)

The district will be rolling out the new bus "Zonar" program to all of our families shortly. This app will allow parents to monitor their child's bus location during the day. The district is beginning with our special transportation buses first in order to work out any issues before sending out information on the entire fleet.

This information may be coming directly from our district leadership, but I will also send it out through email and our FB page in order to reach all of our families.

Academic progress

Next week we will begin assessing students in both reading and math to get a baseline of where they are after summer break. We always anticipate a little summer slide, but use this information to begin formulating starting points for lessons, as well as, creating plans for those that are further ahead or are at risk for falling behind.

Typically, teachers will share this information with you at conferences; showing your child's starting point and the progress they have made in the weeks leading up to conferences. However, if you would like to have that information sooner you only need to ask your child's teacher. They will spend some time going over the STAR report with you at conferences.

We do meet as an educational team and discuss a specific intervention plan for students who fall below a specified percentile. If that is the case, you will be contacted to let you know what the plan is. Please do not panic, we often see students have more summer slide than others and after being in school for a bit things begin clicking and they no longer need an intervention plan. Some students take a little longer to get into the swing of things than others. Although we have specific developmental markers we look at, we also recognized that children do not always develop at the same rate.

Birthday Bash!

In conjunction with our FRC, this year, we will be celebrating each student's birthday by inviting them to a "Birthday Bash" at the end of each month. During this bash, students will get to pick out a book, get a birthday treat (gluten free option available), and hear a story. During the time that they hear a story and get a birthday treat, I will be writing a brief note to each of them. I'm very much looking forward to doing this for all of our kids!

We will be celebrating our June and July birthdays on identified days in May.

HOUSE system

I recently sent an email to all parents regarding the new House system that we are implementing this year. The students have been overwhelmingly receptive to it, and are already jumping all in. Everyone will be begin earning points for their houses in September! If you missed the email sent home regarding information about the house system- below is a quick recap.


Student Opportunities

I will always try to include opportunities for students- within the school or community that parents might be interested in for their child. Below are the linked fliers.

Parent Camp- Topics for ALL levels

NH Mozart Strings- violin, viola, cello, or bass lessons

NH will be offering clubs/sports throughout the year. Information regarding archery, basketball, etc. will be sent home at a later date. Typically these types of clubs are grade specific.

Archery information meeting for 4th - 5th grade will be sometime in October.

Safety questions

I have had a couple of safety questions that I wanted to share with everyone. We do have a very specific Emergency Plan in place for our school. We have had several emergency management providers work with us on our plan, and we continue to make improvements for the safety of our students. We can not share this plan for obvious reasons.

We do have an updated sign in system that all visitors will use when entering the school. All volunteers will be reported to the office by teachers prior to visiting.

We are revisiting the plan for parents to have lunch with students. I anticipate that we will begin this again after the 1st semester. However, because of the space we are using and the amount of parents we have had previously will require some changes in how we move forward, but we will begin allowing lunch visitors again. I will send out information regarding the procedures for that later this Fall.

Mission and Vision of New Haven... Our WHY, WHAT, and HOW.

Keep'n up with the Calendar! (dates will be added/ revised each month as needed)


29th- 2nd: Reading and Math baseline assessments

30th- Birthday Bash for August birthdays

31st- 1st: 5th grade trip to Camp Carlisle


5th- Labor Day / No school

9th- Popcorn Friday

19th- Midterms go home for 4th & 5th grade


22nd- PTO General meeting

30th- Birthday Bash for September birthdays


10th- 11th: FALL BREAK

13th- Picture Re-take day

14th- Popcorn Friday

16th- Read-a-thon begins

20th- School Smiles dental program

21st- Read-a-thon ends

26th- SBDM

28th- Halloween Celebrations/ Early Release day (EL buses will leave campus around 12:30 pm)

31st- Birthday Bash For October birthdays


4th- Read-a-thon assembly

7th- Parent/ Teacher Conference 4-7pm

8th- Election Day / No school

9th- Parent / Teacher Conference 4-7

11th- Veterans Day Celebration

16th- SBDM

18th- Popcorn Friday

23rd-25th- Thanksgiving Break

30th- Birthday Bash for November Birthdays


2nd- Parents Night Out School event 6-9 (k-5th)

9th- Popcorn Friday

19th- SBDM

20th- Birthday Bash for December birthdays

21st - Jan 3rd= WINTER BREAK

Approved Calendar for the 22-23 school year

Big picture