Resilience Resources

Strategies for Mindfulness and Self-care

Simple Practices for Emotional Hygiene and Building Resilience

Being a human is hard, sometimes! There is nothing wrong with you if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Trust that there is common humanity in that experience! Just like we all need to brush our teeth and wash our hands...we need mental and emotional hygiene also. These strategies and tips here are intended to support you in this way. Some strategies will work for you and some may not. Find what works for you and stick with it!

Your Breath is a Primary Tool for Regulation

12 Minute Meditation to Activate Your Vagus Nerve

Use the audio recording to guide you through this practice. For further information, read the article that follows.

Why Your Out-Breath is Connected to Your Well-Being

What is the vagus nerve, and how does it connect to our breathing and emotions? Learn the science around this key messenger of the nervous system.

Box Breathing - 1 minute in length
9 Magic Breaths - Letting Go Guided Meditation

Take a pause from all activity, and either sit or stand in a way that allows you to be comfortable yet alert. It’s ideal, if possible, to gently close your eyes.

RELAX AND BREATHE: Do Nothing for 10 Minutes

Music for Relaxation

Marconi Union - Weightless (Official Video)

Move Your Body

10 Minute Chair Yoga Practice

Guided Meditations

RAIN Meditation for Cultivating Compassion

A 20-Minute Guided Meditation for Compassion ~Listen to the audio and read further information about the practice in the article.

Greater Good in Education: Mindfulness for Adults

Practices for cultivating the social and emotional well-being of school staff members