• Denotation:
Prejudice unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, especially of a hostile nature, regarding an ethnic, racial, social, or religious group.

  • Connotation: I feel emotional ,unappreciated ,unfair ,races,identities, not equal..

  • Association :When I hear the word I feel like no one should judge anything bases on beliefs or appearance.We all are humans and we all are created to be who we are and we are made in all unquietest and should be able to express ourselves and be proud on who we are and the characteristics of ourselves .

  • The concept means to me is all about judging people on there appearance, beliefs ,characteristics and I think of racism .We all are human and should not have to isolate ourselves because we are seen as different .The reason that prejudice people are still around because we are not able to truly speak up for who we are and our rights in believing and our skin color is who we are not the words you label people out to be .
  • The Text from to Kill a Mockingbird is "Mr. Radley shot at a Negro in his collard patch ."This shows the prejudice comment of them assuming it was a African American person when it could have been anything .

  • In our Society being prejudice towards same sex relationship where it seems that some people disown there children towards there transformation . It is different and being different from everyone else makes you a target towards the people who are concreted normal.Also being skinny makes you beautiful and if you are not a certain size then you are called names and makes you exuded from the group or who they consider "perfect or ideal look ".So this makes people self conscious and not happy with themselves .
  • The picture : Describes how the tan chest pieces are all in a group and the black chest is the odd one out.The black chest can represent a certain race ,relationships ,characteristic or people or beliefs .The group isolates the Black chest just like any situations that makes you unique could make other look down on you .Our world is so used to the ideal life style that we pushed those away that don't fit in with the "way we see things " .Everyone is looking for a place to fit in and truly be themselves but if a world continues to judge and make people feel like nothing can only cause so more problems.



The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty,danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

Connotation :

The feeling I feel towards courage is ,bravery,being fearless,and making anything possible .

Association :

When I hear the word COURAGE I think of the courage of a mighty lion just like the lion in the movie the Wizard of Oz .The lion had courage in him that only took matter of time for it to be shown .

Courage means to me is that you are able to overcome your biggest fears ,making what seems impossible ,possible .When you have courage you are seen as a leader for those who might not have the guts to overcome the obstacle they will face in life . Having Courage is not just a word but the power to be able to conquer the world without fear.

In To Kill a Mockingbird:

Courage is shown in multiple ways with battling the situation they go through.

That Scout was able to keep her promise towards not fighting if anyone tries to test her. "I faced Cecil Jacobs in the schoolyard next day: "You gonna take that back boy ?" "You gotta make me first! " he yelled... I drew a bead on him, remember what Atticus he said, then dropped my fists and walked away.


That being able to have courage through anything that our mean generation can bring to you can as a teenager. Being I'm High school brings peer pressure giving you the decision to be able to be your own Legacy and choose to walk a more positive route then what's considered cool. That represent real courage to know what is worth it a time to have "fun" or make good choices that can help your future.


The picture shows the courage of the inner lion in all of us just like the cat. The cat looks defenseless and fearful but once the cat is able to overcome it he is the lion . I choose this picture because it symbolizes the person we all are capable of being even with our time intentions you can have the courage to break all barriers.The cat looks prideful as the lion that he really is.


Denotation :

A social, legal, or moral requirement, such as a duty, contract, or promise, that compels one to follow or avoid a particular course of action:


The feeling I feel is determination,persistent ,journey,future ,mission .


When I hear the obligation I feel that it's my DUTY ,responsibility ,my goal in life , priority .This word is personal to my life and makes me have the determination to conquer anything that life throws at me .

What it means to me :

Being obligated for me is having the determination to reach for success .The passion that I have is having the ability to show what I'm fully capable of in all situations. I made this my duty to make sure that I will be a strong independent women that can hold my own responsiblesite and don't have to rely on anyone .

To Kill A Mockingbird :

In to kill a Mockingbird Aunt Alexandra feels obligated to guild Scout into being a "lady".She has taken the role of being that mother figure for Scout to look up too."Aunt Alexandra's appearance on the scene was not so much Atticus's doing as hers.Aunty had a way of declaring What Is Best For The Family. "


Being obligated in our society is staying true to who you are .Being in this generation of time can cause you to second guess who you are make you want to change your appearance, your personality just to fit in.Being obligated is having the ability to not let your surroundings influence your character.


The picure represent what obligated from people in everyday life the labels that are concerned normal or what's suppose to be in that can cause your mind to be overwhelmed. The girl shows how people have different opinions on life expecially her being a female .It's obligated for her wear makeup ,the teenager drama that can make you feel that it's your duty to try and please everyone and maybe even forget about yourself.The girl it's in a tight situation between listening or setting herself free .



Violation of the rights of others; unjust or unfair action or treatment.


The feeling that I feel towards this word is unfair,not right ,what a change ,voiceless ,not appreciated.

Association :

When I hear of injustice I think of the court room ,not truthful policeman ,men in women in jail for no real fair reason either from the past or now .

The word INJUSTICE means to me having the ability to have our full rights and not being treated unfairly no matter the gender or race .This makes me think of segregation and how the people judge African Americans for there skin color and not follow the rules of the law.This makes me hope that now in our generations that the workers in the courtroom will work for JUSTICE not just for the assumptions on what they think but having real proof.


The Injustice that is displayed in the book is TOM ROBERSON trail and how he was falsely accused of rapping a white women with no real evidence to prove .Mayelle falsely accuses Tom of rapping her when she was the one to come on to him even with her father present he pressured her into lying .


In our society today we still have injustice happen towards African American men accuses ofor crimes or attempthe crimes they did not committe resulting in innocent lives lost.Just like Oscar Grant he was shot to for a gun or weapon he did not have to a police officer who did not do his job . Killing a Husband ,Sony and Father for the injustice of the officer .

Pictures :

The picture described injustice of "man in suit " represent the law and people we trust in court can also be once who can kill us .The rights should be equal and in any circumstances can be changes by what people assume and even though you look legit can be people falsely accusing you .It's hard to fight for justice when the ones who seems so good to trust and willing to provided help in "law" can also break the law .So the pictures shows how injustice the entire world can be and how the court can be anything can cause the law to be broken .