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Weekly Update #8: Thursday, October 1, 2020

COVID-19 Communications

What if I or my child are experiencing COVID symptoms?

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has provided a Decision Tree for individuals with COVID-19 Symptoms in Youth, Student, and Child Care Programs. To keep students and staff safe and healthy, Rochester Public Schools will follow this guidance to determine the length of time students will need to remain away from school when exposed or exhibiting symptoms. This exclusion guidance is designed specifically for schools and child care programs by MDH, therefore, these guidelines may differ from businesses or employers.

Prior to coming into a school building, students and staff should use the At-Home COVID Screening tool to determine if they are well enough to come to school that day. Individuals experiencing symptoms should remain home and talk to their health care provider about being tested for COVID-19. A Daily Symptom Monitoring Tool is available to help families track their child's symptom screening each day.

We understand that these are challenging times. The safety, security, and health of students and staff is our top priority. Thank you for your partnership in keeping our school community safe and healthy.

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COVID Terminology:

Close Contact: A close contact is an individual who has been within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes of someone tested positive for COVID-19. If you are a close contact, you must stay home from all activities for at least 14 days, even if you test negative during that 14 days, stay home as it can take up to 14 days to develop symptoms. ***household members of a close contact do not have to stay home, only the individual identified as the close contact***

Isolation: This is for the individual that is ill with symptoms or positive COVID, this person should have a separate room and bathroom if possible. Isolating takes place for 10 consecutive days.

Quarantine: This is for the individuals who were in close contact with the individual POSITIVE for COVID-19. This is for 14 days, regardless if you test negative for COVID-19 during that time as it can take up to 14 days to develop symptoms.

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New Board Policy 808: Face Coverings

This policy supports the current face covering practice at RPS.

  • The policy states: “all persons are required to wear a face covering when they are in any building that is owned, leased, or operated by or on behalf of the District, unless an exemption or exception stated in this policy applies. Similarly, all persons are required to wear a face covering when they are in any vehicle that is owned, leased, or operated by or on behalf of the District, unless an exemption or exception stated in this policy applies. This policy will remain in effect as long as Emergency Executive Order 20-81 is in effect.”
  • Face Covering Definition: The term “face covering” means any paper or disposable mask, cloth face mask, medical-grade mask, medical grade respirator, or religious face covering that covers the nose and mouth completely in accordance with CDC guidance. Masks with valves, mesh, openings, holes, vents, or visible gaps in the material do not qualify as face coverings.
  • Exemptions: These are covered in part III of Policy, including circumstances when a face covering should not be used (children under the age of 2, incapacitated persons, trouble breathing), and persons who are exempt from wearing a face covering (students 5 and under in child care and a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability)
  • When face coverings can be temporarily removed, appropriate to grade level
  • When face shields are permitted as an alternative to face coverings, specific to students, employees, and visitors.
  • Procedures to exemptions
  • And more

The FAQ on the District Fall 2020 webpage will be updated to include a link to Policy 808.

Staff that are unable to wear a mask should continue to follow the medical exemption process/form. Please see your supervisor for questions. Students that are unable to wear a mask should utilize the form in Policy 808A and submit proper documentation. Parents will be asked to work with the school principal on these exemptions.

RPS Social and Emotional Support

Rochester Public Schools feels strongly about providing services for mental health supports. If you are concerned about your child's mental health, please use one of these screening tools to give you a quick snapshot of your child's mental health. If your results indicate your child may be experiences symptoms of a mental illness, consider sharing your results with someone. A mental health provider (such as a school counselor, school social worker, doctor or a therapist) can talk with you about the results and talk about available options.

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Parents: Google Meet Support During Live Class Sessions

Just a reminder, that students are attending live class sessions throughout the day just like normal school. It is important that they are “in” class and not leaving to perform tasks throughout the day. Please be mindful when you are asking your child(ren) to do household tasks throughout the day or other things that take them away from academics. We understand that there will be times a student needs to leave for part of class, but just as a reminder that in these cases you need to call the office and excuse them so as to avoid an unexcused absence or truancy. In these cases the student is still then responsible for making up all missing work. We want all students to be in class and engaged in instruction. Thank you for your help, support, and understanding!

Brain Teasers Google Classroom

Are your kids bored? Looking for something fun? Have them join the Brain Teasers Google Classroom page. New brain teasers will be posted weekly for your child to puzzle over. The classroom code is sdskwm6.

Advisory Teacher

Advisory class is a lot like our old "homeroom" classes. This is your go-to teacher for Social Emotional Learning, and will also follow up with you on attendance for ALL classes. They will also work with administration if needed some extra support and resources to get students back online and learning. We appreciate the work of all of our Advisory teachers and students, collaborating to make the best out of this unprecedented time.
"Don't Give Up On Me" Andy Grammer ft. PS22 Chorus
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John Adams Middle School is now offering Library curbside pick-up!

To request a library book, fill out the form found in ClassLink under the Library/Media tab. Once completed hit Submit.

Ms. Rogge will send you an email to your school Gmail account when the book is ready for pick-up. Please wait to receive the email prior to coming to John Adams.

When you receive notification that your book is ready to pick-up, arrive at the front entrance and buzz the front office. When acknowledged please have your parent/guardian or yourself, state your name and say you are here to pick-up a book.

Book pick-up occurs on school days from 8:00-1:30.

To aide you with the selection of a book, I recommend using the John Adams online catalog found within ClassLink under the Library/Media tab. When you find a title you want to request, make sure under the Status column that it says it’s available.

Questions? Send me an email: paguenzler@rochester.k12.mn.us

Thanks! Mrs. Guenzler

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