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The history of volleyball

By: Janesa Hendricks
Staff Writer

I want to inform you about the history of volleyball and when the dates where that certain happened.

There was a guy named William Morgan who invented the game volleyball in 1895. He was at the Holyoke, Massachusetts, YMCA. He said he invented it because he wanted to make a new sport and blended in basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball.

Morgan named his new sport Mintonette but then a dictator said there's a lot of volleying in the game, so he renamed his sport volleyball.

The first game played was on July 7th, 1896. In 1900 a special ball was designed for the sport. I sure hope you enjoyed my little overview of what happen when they invented the sport volleyball.

Odell Beckham Jr. #3

By: Jonathan Cheek
Staff Writer
A Wide Receiver and kick off/punt returner, Odell Beckham Jr. (#3) is only a sophomore at LSU (Louisiana State University) with a major of Kinesiology- Human Movement. In 2011, he had 475 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns. He didn't play kick off/punt returner since Tyrann Mathieu played there, but with him out for the season Odell Beckham Jr. has to step up this year. Last year he won the All- SEC Freshman Team and 2011 SEC Freshman of the week (vs. Miss. State).

He graduated at Isadore Newman HS. AS a senior in high school he caught 50 passes for 1,010 yards and 19 touchdown receptions as a senior he showed his rushing ability as he rushed for 331 yards and six TDs. He also had 2 returned punts for touchdowns.

So far this year he has 16 catches, 286 yards ( averages 17.9 yards per catch) and 2 touchdowns. He has a long of 53 yards this year.


I want to inform you about the history of softball.
By: Abbie Petersen
Staff Writer

Softball was invented in 1887, in Chicago by George Hancock. It was a way to keep practice during the winter. It was developed as a younger version of baseball. In 1888 Hancock's game moved outside. Softball in often referred to baseball for girls, with larger ball and smaller diamonds.

Women's first softball team was formed in 1895. They got there first coach in 1899. The first softball team outside of the U.S. was formed in Canada in 1887. The first woman's International World Championship was held in 1965.

By, 1772 the game of softball spread across Europe. Since then the game end in 1989 the population of softball has grown. I hope you enjoyed my little overview of when softball was invented.

The Carrer of being a Teacher


By:Jacob Bruck

Staff Writer

Teachers are very important people who generate their time to help kids learn. When teachers go to college they have to get a teachers degree before they can teach. Teachers help students learn to read, write, do math, and so much more. To be on time and to start the school year teachers have to be at school from August to May and 8:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M.
Teachers have to be at school with a good attitude and help the students generate a good attitude. Many students like to mess around but the teacher has to make them quiet down and learn. Students like to learn with a couple of stories and chunking so students don't think school is a waste of time. Teachers have a separate classroom to teach their kids about what’s coming up in life.
Teacher have many jobs for teaching students. Usually teachers have to stay after school till about 5:00 P.M. grading papers. Teachers have to make their lessons easy to understand. If you want to be a teacher then hopefully you read this article.

Derek Jeter

By: Preston Mulligan
Staff Writer


Derek Jeter was born June 26th, 1974 he is now 38 years old. He attended Kalamazoo Central High School where he played baseball and basketball. Michigan was very impressed by his baseball talent, and they immediately offered him a full ride scholarship. He stayed in college all four years. He got drafted by the Yankees in the first round sixth pick, but wasn’t able to play he played for a chain of minor league baseball teams who were apart of the Yankees association. He started to play in the MLB where he made a Major League debut on May 29th, 1995. He won his 5 World Series in (1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, and in 2009). He won the rookie of the year award in 1996. He is a 13 time all star, He has won the Hank Aaron award twice, and the Golden Glove award five times and he has won many more awards. He has broken the Yankees hit record with more than 3,000 hits and the Yankees most stolen bases record. He has 225 homeruns and 1,867 runs. He has been playing for 18 years now.