Thursday Brief

August 29th

What a Week...

Thank you all for your patience and perseverance on a tough first week of school. Hey why don't you take Monday off!!!! Enjoy your LONG WEEKEND!

Week Events

Monday September2 Labor Day All Day No School

Monday September2 Kasi Driscoll Birthday

Tuesday September3 Student Orientation 8:00 AM Cafeteria

Tuesday-Thursday September3-12 School Mall Send Cards Home/Video

Sunday-Saturday September8-14 Other People Matter Mindset Intro WeekP2 (OPM)

Tuesday September 4th Grade Parent Orientation 6:00-6:30 Classrooms

From Jeanine

Teacher webpages are ready to be updated . Please do so by next Friday.

Make sure you are adding your weekly lesson plans to your folder on google drive. Please do not email them. If you are not sure how to do this please come see me.

Safe-schools should be complete at this time and certificates should be uploaded to Eduphoria.

If you have an ESL student, I have filled in the google spreadsheet.

I need you to please fill out tab 1 before September 12th. This will need to be completed a week before each LPAC meeting. I will send out reminders prior.

From Nadine

Please check all of your class rosters. Make sure they are accurate. If they are not, please see Nadine ASAP. Thanks.

Please do NOT pass out school mall materials until the 3rd (Tuesday).

Emergency Procedures & Standard Response Protocol

Don't forget to go over all of this with students before the deadline on the 13th. We will do this briefly at student orientation on the 3rd but it is very brief! I also include it on the newsletter to parents and assure them you have reviewed this with their child so please make this a priority ASAP.