Come Fly with the Stars

This breathtaking oppoutunity is one that you can't miss!

Why Choose Us?

At Space Race the flight with us to space will be AMAZING because we are equipped the latest technological, safest and luxurious equipment. Such as super fast engines that will shoot the rocket up into space as fast as it can go while still being incredibly safe. Our seats are soft leather and keep you firmly placed into the seats while our space air hostess come an serve you the top range of space food.

Intresting Information About the Science Behind the Trip

Well to start this trip we will be traveling to the moon and the moon is 380,000 km away from earth. Traveling at 60,000 kms/hr will should get onto the moon within 7 hours. Once you get into the moon there will be multiple space suits that the passengers can use while on the moon.

Who are we?

We are the one and only Space Race! This is just one of our tours to find another one of our fantastic tour visit our website below.