Come To Africa: See The Cool Sites

Dennis Kostjuhin T6 5/2/16

Places To Go In The Wilderness

Madagascar is one of the places to go in Africa and has a lot of wide ranged variety of lush wilderness, including penguins! The Sahara is a very hot and dry desert and is the complete opposite of Madagascar.

Places To Go That Are Cultural

One of the cool sites to go in Africa is the Mud Mosque. It is a Mosque that the outside is completely made out of mud. Another cool thing in Africa is the Sphinx. They were ginormous cats made out of stone. One of them is missing a nose, which is a world wonder. These were made in Ancient Africa bye the Egyptians. These 2 things are very diverse because the mud mosque is modern, yet the Sphinx was made over 4000 years ago!

Sure To Be Some Of The Most Amazing Sites You'll Ever See