Civil Disputes

How do you begin this journey

When dealing with civil disputes there are two people involved, the plaintiff and defendant. The plaintiff is the one suing and the defendant is the one being sued. In a non-criminal case the plaintiff files a complaint of broken or a dispute about property ownership.

Steps for civil case

The first step of a civil case is a summon, when the court requests for a person to appear in court on a certain day.

Both parities now need to submit their complaints this is called a pleading.

The judge then sits with both parties to discuss the trial.

There are many ways that the cvil dispute can be solved outside of court

-meditation: is when a third party person comes in who's not biased to try to settle things

-arbitration: settling dispute by impartial out of court

If the dispute can not be solved in court then it goes to trial. Preponderance evidence is presented.

The verdict

Now the judge or jury decided and the verdict is made whether the defendant is guilty or innocent. Once the verdict is out the the case can be appealed if either the plaintiff or defendant if they don't agree with their decision.