Troop 2205

16 February 2016

Last Meeting Recap

We completed the following at our meeting on 11 February:

  • The girls started the meeting with an Investiture Ceremony for Ava as this is her first year in Girl Scouts. Plan to hold another one for Caroline Kelley at next meeting on 25 February.
  • Completed our Cookie Activity Pin requirements.
  • Completed step 2 for Cookie CEO badge. We've now completed step 2, 3 and 4.
  • Completed our critiques of Encampment. Read more below.
  • Designed 2 signs for cookie booths (completed one),
  • FInished our meeting with Awards Ceremony. Each girl received patches, badges or both. The long awaited QSP rewards were given out, as well.

HOMEWORK for next Meeting

Please remind your daughters that they are to read pages 53 - 74 in their Journey book. We will be discussing performing a building audit at the next meeting. Thank you.


The girls had a blast at Encampment. We survived the frigid night temperatures and ate heartily at each meal. The jellyfish costumes were a hit (the word "Awesome" kept being used) and I think we would've won if the Seniors acting as judges weren't trying to be so careful not to hurt feelings. The costume contest required that the girls come up with a song or skit. And our girls can think on their feet. We didn't have a song or skit prepared, but Caroline Kelley (we call her CK so we don't get her confused with Caroline Marlowe, just in case you haven't been informed yet) came up with an easy song and the girls ended up leading the entire audience in a sing along. It was fantastic!!!

We spent Sunday morning at the Challenge course, on the rock climbing wall and crossing a huge log 6 feet off the ground. The girls were brave and determined, which was good to see. Some of our girls are part monkey, is the only thing I can say. We then spent the afternoon panning for gems, and at the archery range. The camp is fairly large and we covered a great deal of it walking to and from the dining hall, our campsite and the events, so by the time we were supposed to participate in our last event (knot tying) the girls were exhausted and just wanted to go back to our campsite, finish cleaning it up and relax, which we did. They showed me very good cleaning skills (sweeping, packing, picking up trash and cleaning bathroom sinks), so don't let them fool you at home.

It was a great weekend at camp and they are jazzed about going back for a short campout this Spring and then tent camping this Fall. More on both later.

QSP and other Awards

The girls received their QSP rewards and patches on Thursday. They also received their Drawing badge (for those who were able to attend the Junior Artists class). The patches all go on the back of the vest, in any pattern she wants, just remember not to spread out too much as we will be receiving many more patches over the course of the next year and half. The ONLY award that goes on the front of the vest is the Drawing badge. It goes on the left front panel of the vest the side without the flag and troop numbers.

Cookie Booths

It's that time of the cookie season! We had managed to sign up for the 4 cookie booths that the girls wanted, however, at the last minute the store manager at the Britton Plaza Publix decided not to have booths at their store. We, unfortunately, had 2 of our booths scheduled to be held there. Karen is frantically looking for alternate booth sites in eBudde and she'll let us know the date(s) and time(s) once secured. So, for now, our first booth is this Sunday, the 21st at 3 pm at the Winn Dixie on Swann, and it appears that we have the girls signed up, but could use an adult. If you're available, please consider it. Please go to the sign up genius link below to sign your daughter and yourself up for a cookie booth, just ignore the booths for Britton Plaza Publix for now though.

Girls must wear their GS vest at the cookie booth. Also, please provide her with water and a snack.

Next Troop Meeting

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 5:30-7pm

Hyde Park Methodist Church, 500 West Platt St., Tampa, FL

Door code is 7281*. Please have your daughter there by 5:30 as we'll be starting promptly. We will be getting back on track with our Journey. I will need a parent volunteer to help that night starting at 6:15. Sydney is a delegate to our Area Council and she is to represent us at a meeting that night, so she needs to leave early.

Makeup for Missed Badge Requirements

I'll be sending out individual emails to the parents of the girls who have missed the Budding Botanist and Junior Artist workshops giving you details on what your daughter needs to do to complete the missed work. Please make sure my email, is part of your contacts so it doesn't go to your spam file.

Mark your Calendars

19 February - Cookies on the Go starts and Cookie Booths open

21 February - Our first Cookie Booth, Winn Dixie on Swann, 3pm - 5pm

25 February - Troop Meeting

05 March - Cookie Booth

06 March - Sweetheart Dance

10 March - Troop Meeting

13 March - Last day of Cookie sales - All money is to be turned in.

24 March - Troop Meeting

14 April - Troop Meeting

28 April - Troop Meeting

12 May - Troop Meeting

09 June - Troop Meeting

26 May - Troop Meeting

Troop 2205 Co-Leader

Mary Alice Floyd

Troop 2205 Co-Leader

Sydney Cowles