For Sale - The Planet Yuwei



Planets Name: Yuwei

Number away from the sun: 6th

Distance away from the sun: 1,433,499,370km

What distance to the other closest planet:655 million km

inner or outer planet: Outer planet

Element of the planet made from: Helium, Methane, Ammonia, Ethane, And Deuteride.

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More Infromation

Mass of planet: 568

how many moons: 3 moons and their names are Starfier, Rey , and little mac

Any rings: yes it has rings

How long is the revolution period round the sun: 29.7 years

Any space missions to your planet: yes 5 space missions.

Yuwei is the best Planet ever

Information About The Company

Subaro co. is our company`s name

The People in my company are Lacy Miller and Lilly investor.