By: Brandon Klimek

Special Features

According to the Chrysler group, "Their are heated steering wheels, and seats in our cars". (Chrysler 1) Some of the features in the car are so high-tech and advanced, they make up for over half of the price of the vehicle. "The dodge charger is rated 6 out of 9 in terms of reliability, and safety". (U.S. news 1) The dodge charger isn't as roomy as other full size vehicles, but it does offer substantial engine power, and amazing handling.

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"The 2014 dodge charger cost 26,495 dollars". (Chrysler group) The dodge charger costs a little more then a regular full size sedan, but you get a lot more for your money. With the car comes a lot more technology, space, and comfort. Their are many different things that you can get with the new charger from heated steering wheels to touch screen control panel. The dodge charger also comes with a V6 engine.
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The Dodge group once announced that they were gonna be bringing back their dodge charger on a 2006 model year four door. According to the enthusiasts " This was an act of betrayal of the glorious mopar heritage". (1) It seemed to a lot of people that Dodge was slapping the name charger on a lot of crappy cars the past forty years, but even though they have done that their are some chargers out there that were worth remembering and celebrating.

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