5 Reasons

Why I Shouldn't Commit Suicide

More like 5 RAISINS to live.

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There is always another way.

Things are hard. Everyone has their own demons they need to face, some more intense than others. Life has been pretty easy so far. There isn’t too much to complain about. However, there will always be times when you are sad. Sadness is just an emotion. It should have absolutely no effect on your choices.

Reason 1:

People care about me. (Pathos) My friends, family, and girlfriend would be impacted if I left. What if it hurts them? What if they do the same thing? They shouldn't have to suffer because of me. All of these lovely people are always there when I need a shoulder to cry on. We all love each other dearly. It would be selfish of me to leave them.

Reason 2:

There are greater things ahead. (Logos) I can go to college, become a dance/theatre/music instructor, and influence hundreds of people. I can get married, have children, and teach them everything about the world. Everything happens for a reason. Suicide would ruin all of my future plans.

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Reason 3:

What about my responsibilities? (Ethos) I have a dance studio to watch out for. I watch my family and friends' backs. I have pets to take care of. A 4.0 GPA record isn’t going to keep itself! I am responsible for my own well-being, and I always take care of my responsibilities.

The Girls and I

I watch out for each of my friends. They do the same for me.
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Reason 4:

You can't have fun when you're dead. (Logos) There will be new things in the future. New technology, opportunities and (most importantly) food will be introduced. Happiness will be easier to achieve. I won't be able to do anything fun if I am 6 feet underground. I won't have the freedom to dance, sing, or live.

Reason 5:

I've made it this far. I will be okay. (Logos) I have made it despite of my eating disorder, losing my peripherals, and becoming a medical mystery. Even though these things made me sad and depressed, I always woke up the next day and smiled. I'm fourteen years old and have experienced only a little of what life has to offer. I am already inspiring others with eating disorders and visionary issues by being optimistic. A little push from others can help me in various ways, like how Katie J. (pictured below) and I assist each other with our opposite blind spots. Killing myself will not make me happy, it will ruin my (and/or other's) chances of feeling better.
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