Manila, Philippines

Wanna go on an adventure, come to the Philippines!

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The Philippines is an exciting country

If you travel the world for fun come to the Philippines! Fiestas or any celebration include food feasts and dancing. Which are loved and mostly held during the months of January, April, May, and June. What about sports? Basketball is the most loved, watched, and played sport. Looking at the statue of liberty,fun, but Philippines fiestas are more fun!
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Mangos in Manila

Rice is the main part of the meal its eaten, made, and mixed with many other foods! Mango is a fruit that is eaten with rice, so is the pineapple and the banana. In the Philippines we have many different varieties of bananas! ''Related'' to the mango the pineapple is eaten the same way. Don't forget to try mangos in the Philippines and try many different dishes!

Lets Go Swimming

Love mountains, Mount Apo is the largest mountain in the Philippines. In the Apo Islands you can go snorkeling and scuba diving .How about shopping? The mall of Asia is the 3rd largest mall in the world, there's even a Ferris wheel inside it! We've got sights to keep you interested.

Philippines Flippin History

Just because this country is located in Asia doesn't mean we were only ruled by Asians. Spain ruled the Philippines via Mexico,for 327 years. Thanks to the Americas, Philippines gained their independence around 1946.Its not over yet, the Japanese had a war with the Philippines, 60,000 lives were lost.

Fun fact:The founder of The Philippines was Mexican.

Speak Spanish? No problem!

There are more than 80 languages in the Philippines, Tagalog being the main language. Cebuano is another famous language. Don't understand, we speak English too! Many of the Philippines words are like or the same a s Spanish ones.

Everyday is a Perfect Day

The Philippines is generally warm with an average of 80 degrees. Rainy days are common during June, July,and October, sometimes it rains cats and dogs. The months of March and June are very hot! Another characteristic feature climate of the Philippines is the presence of strong typhoons. Tropical weather is all over the country.