Let's CELEBRATE and kick off March!

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Let's CELEBRATE all the EFFORT, FUN and SUCCESS that was February!

And keep reading down, there will be some LUCKY WINNERS this month for those who keep putting it EFFORT!

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A round of applause for our top 10 in sales!

Kara Andre, Tomahawk $7,904.75 WOOOTTTT!!!
Michelle Toner, Fort McMurray $7,086.95
Heather McLellan, Stony Plain $6,649.95
Trish Gallagher, St. ALbert $3,608.95
Angela Woods, Fort McMurray $3,139.05
Lisa Bowes, Edmonton 2,979.95
Shauna Fiddler, Slave Lake $2,931.95
Andrea Organ, Fort Mcmurray $2,843.05
Kristy George, Fort Mcmurray $2,790.00
Erin Beraskin, Edmonton $2,734.50

Michelle & Kara, lunch is ON ME!

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Congrats to all of YOU for sharing the love in February!!
Andrea Organ, Fort Mcmurray 3 WOW!!!!! CRAZY AWESOME!!!!!!!

Pamela Clark Spruce Grove 2
Trish Gallagher St. ALbert 1
Clariss Vargo Fort McMurray 1
Melissa Dziendzielowski EDMONTON 1
Rachelle Covenden Sherwood Park 1
Dusty Harrigan Edmonton 1
Paula Leighton Slave Lake 1

*Leaders will be recognized when their 1st line Stylist achieves her first month of at least $500 Retail Sales.

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…SPRING….It's coming… Are you ready?!

All right girls.

I know it's been FREEZING FREAKING COLD out there. If you live anywhere close to me, I get it.

Just being out and about over the last few weeks, you can hear it in people's voices. They are FED UP with winter, grumpy and are DONE schlepping around in 100 layers of clothes.

I know it's probably going to snow a million more times before we have 'REAL SPRING', but TRUST ME when I tell you, the day when they awaken to warmer weather is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, and we are already getting a taste of it! And we'll be there and READY when that happens, because we will have bookings on the calendar, and they will be SO READY to embrace all that is SPRING.

And from my past shows I can tell you that they ALREADY ARE.

Much to my AMAZEMENT, they ARE buying Norah pieces. Stone Sutton. Linden. COLOR! I think it's because people are CRAVING anything that isn't grey, black or winter-related.

SO. Don't write it off an wait until the weather is warm. Put it out there now. Because these poor people and their frozen friends need a little FUN, FASHION and SUNSHINE in their lives.

This much I know! Reach out to BOOK NOW! This is the time!

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I'm SO EXCITED for this incentive! I admit it… I'm such a carrot chaser. Anytime I can get something FREE, I get motivated to GO FOR IT!

And these prizes are AMAAZING!!

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What level will YOU achieve?

Set your sights BIG! When you THINK BIG you GET BIG.

Break down the sales and sponsoring it will take you get you there, and work away at it!

You could be sporting those ADORABLE prizes, flying to Orlando for free, and experiencing all the HOOPLA in person!

Those of you who were in Vegas last year can tell you, it's a NOT TO BE MISSED kind of experience!!!

I SO HOPE you will join us my friend!

WHY NOT, right??

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Thursday, July 17th, 3pm to Saturday, July 19th, 5pm

8701 World Center Dr

Orlando, Florida

The must-attend event of the year!
It’s time to gather with the most bold and joyful tribe on earth!

Learn to LIVE HAPPY!
Increase your joy while you build success!

Hurry! Early registration is only $199.

Price goes up to $249: April 16 – June 30, 2014.

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MARCH MADNESS! You can WIN these amazing prizes this month!

MARCH MADNESS!!!! Ready to MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK this month?

Current bookings for MARCH & APRIL ( 1 entry )

NEW BOOKINGS for MARCH & APRIL ( 2 entries )

SEAL the Sponsoring DEAL in MARCH! ( 6 entries )

Have 20 Sponsoring convos? Get 20 entries ( please post your complete list when accomplished! )

When you hit $500 (1), $1000 (2), $2308 (3) $5000 (5) sales increments.

MUST be Qualifed at $500 to win!

Anyone who BEATS MY SALES gets lunch with & on me!! I pay… you get it…

GO TEAM! Start posting !! Let's make this a GREAT 4 weeks!!!

I'll DRAW for these fun prizes! You can pick the Boots in your colour!

3 winners, MUST BE QUALIFED at $500 to win!

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DOUBLE YOUR Hostess Rewards by Becoming a STYLIST!

This one bears repeating!!


When you have a Hostess that has Hostess Rewards in her account and then she Signs as a STYLIST that she gets DOUBLE THE PRODUCT?

OMG!! I know!!!


I have a rule that I ALWAYS talk to every single Hostess about the Business because I find she's the 'lowest hanging fruit' of all!! She 'gets' and loves the Trunk Show and what we do and of course LOVES everything!

I have found that the NUMBER ONE OBJECTION with those who are warm to the idea is the start-up cost and building her display, and 'the glitch' totally speaks to that concern! I also can start right away with who her first Hostesses will be because I know that they were already at her Trunk Show, and maybe even already booked! And I can tell her how lucrative it really is by telling her how much I earned at her show!

I do make sure to tell her all about how our Business is all about DOING Trunk Shows. If she's not interested in that, but just the free jewelry, I schedule her in again as a Hostess for the next new release! I know she will benefit more being a Hostess if her reason is the free But getting her to jump in right away if she's game is SO MUCH easier because she's dying to get her jewels!! It's almost a no-brainer!!!

I LOVE this added perk to help hostesses decide to GO FOR IT!!! WOOHOO!!!

Which of YOUR upcoming Hostesses will you talk to about 'the glitch'??!!

*confused on how this works? Ask your Sponsor, upline leader or me for details!

Heather McLellan, Senior Director

My vision is for women to make a MIND BLOWING income, have CHOICES other than the typical 9-5, and to be IN LOVE with what they do. Inspired? You can do it too!

And I'm here to help YOU with whatever you want to do! Let me know how I can help! I CAN'T WAIT to chat with YOU!