Harper's Place

Gregory Choong Hr.7 Colwell

The House!

  • This house is at 9122 W 92nd Place, Overland Park KS, 66210 with 5 beds, 2 Full/ 1 Half baths, and 2,960 sqft of space!
  • The house's listing price is $169,950.

Accounting the Mortgage

  • For this house, the lenders are willing to loan $152,995.
  • The interest rate would be at 4.75% for a 30 year loan.
  • The minimum payment required to pay off the loan will be $1,151 per month. (After taxes and mortgage insurance).

Harper's Payments

Aligning all of Harper's payments, she has to pay: (Picture is regarding the Student Loan)

  • $325 a month for her car.
  • $15.41 a month for her student loans.
  • About $211 a month for her Cost-of-Living.

Harper gets payed $4083 a month after taxes. ($49,000 / 12 = 4083)

When subtracting her payments, Harper gets a net pay of $3,531.59!

(Harper would have about $1,000,000 dollars in 30 years!)

Making It Cheaper?

If Harper increased the payment 15% she would pay $1323.65.

It would only take 12.9 years to pay off the loan! Harper would cut off 17 years!

It's about a $209,459 dollar savings!