3K News!

Developing Young Entrepreneurs

3K students have been busy learning about the economy. Students have learned the ins and outs of supply, demand, goods, services, products, consumers, and entrepreneurship. Students put their knowledge to work when they developed a product that solved a problem. Students thought about problems in their communities such as: littering, sharp fishing tools, blisters, dangerous pet toys, difficult pet cages, texting too much, expensive shoes, and expensive devices.

After students had created the ideas for their products, they thought about how they could use their opinion writing skills to persuade their audience to buy their products. Students wrote persuasive commercials by identifying reasons and examples that could convince their audience. Students have even created prototypes for their products to include in their commercials.

Please enjoy their commercials below!

Trash Remover
E and c ladybugs
Pet cage qq
Blister Padding
Safe Hook