Phil 2367: Love and Death

Contemporary Social and Moral Problems in the U.S.

Death, Dying, Killing and Letting Die

What is the nature of death? Is our death bad for us? What sorts of considerations make an instance of killing morally acceptable? Is there a moral distinction between letting someone die and killing them? Is it permissible to kill the hopelessly suffering? Is it permissible to kill animals for food and clothing? Is an abortion a killing? Is abortion morally acceptable?

Love, Sex, Marriage

What is the nature of love? What sorts of moral commitments come along with loving? With marrying? With having sex? Are some manners of sexual relations morally preferable to others? Are some manners of love morally preferable to others?
In this writing intensive course, we will learn how to apply the rigor of philosophical dialogue to familiar and controversial topics. We will openly engage with the reasons for and against holding a wide array of familiar moral beliefs, and we will learn how to formulate, articulate and criticize those reasons in writing.

Instructor: Raleigh Miller

CN: 19070 Hagerty Hall, Room 50, TWR 10:05-11:55