Ranger Report

Elk Ridge Elementary School January 21st, 2022

Upcoming Dates

  • January 25th: Trades Night at WRHS, 6:00-7:30
  • January 27th: Staff Development Day, No School
  • January 28th: Semester Break Day, No School
  • February 18th: Staff Development Day, No School
  • February 21st & February 22nd: President's Day, No School

Weekly Update

This afternoon we celebrated our Ranger Trait of the Month Awards, honoring students from each class that displayed the trait of kindness to others. We also completed a successful Shelter in Place Drill this week. Students and staff did a wonderful job with this! We have continued to implement our test-to-stay protocol for close contacts for COVID both inside and outside of school. This program simply would not be possible without our incredible nursing staff. Since the implementation of this program, we have been able to keep over 90 staff and students in school!

Voter Turnout Contest

Starting next week through February 8th, each classroom will be collecting voting stubs that students can bring in from their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, etc. after they have voted in the upcoming election. The class with the highest percentage of voting stubs returned will win an extra 15-minute recess and an ice cream party! We will collect envelopes on Fridays and will announce the leaders during Monday morning announcements and in our Weekly Ranger Report. This contest is meant to encourage voter turnout and ensure that people in our community use their voices in the upcoming election.

Food Drive

We are continuing to collect food items Buckley Food Bank now through January 28th. Our current classroom leaders are:

  • Mrs. Roggenkamp's class- 156 items

  • Ms. McPherson's class- 109 items

  • Mrs. Swanson's class- 105 items


We are now able to welcome volunteers back into the building! If you are interested in volunteering at Elk Ridge, please fill out a Volunteer Application through our Frontline Hiring system. Specific information regarding volunteer requirements is available there.

Volunteer Procedures Link

Thank you, Ranger Families, for your partnership and support!

February 8th Election: Don't forget to vote!

Please watch this video for important information about what our levy measures support in our district.

Make sure to check your mailboxes, ballots for the February 8 special election are arriving this week. Make sure your voice is heard and turn it in. Do you have questions about your ballot? Go here for answers.

District mailers sharing information on the two White River School District measures will also arrive this week. The two levy renewals continue funding for the academic programs, technology, activities and staff that support every White River student. Learn about them at https://bit.ly/Feb2022levies.

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  • Please contact the office if there are any changes to your child's end of day transportation for the day.
  • Please keep your child home when they are sick. Please call our office if they have been exposed to COVID so that we can follow up with our new test to stay protocol.Thank you!
  • Please be mindful during arrival and drop-off times, whether you are on our campus or on a neighboring street. Our goal is for students to arrive and leave school safely each day! Please remember that drop off is not a place to park. If you are here early and want to wait until the bell rings to send your student out, please park in the parking lot rather than waiting in the drop off loop. Thank you!